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Sports Betting Tips and Gambling Help From Coopers Pick




After fine tuning and having more skin in the game then just about anybody else who places wagers daily from Las Vegas, Nevada to Monaco we have learned what it takes to make money gambling on sports. The first lesson is to take out that word Gambling and replace it with investing. Our expert analysts led by famous sports handicapper Mike Cooper have learned from experience what you can and can't do if you are looking to build up your bankroll. A combination of winning picks, proper wager sizes, and discipline combined with following Coopers Pick daily advice leads to a very profitable and satsifed sports investor. Check out our consulting rates and receive a free consultation today by calling the toll free number above with todays free betting tips on a recorded line just in time for this weeks NFL and College Football games.

Below you will find a list of basic sports betting tips and advice. We have a sports betting system that works so read below on some additional sports betting tips that will surely help you out. Also check out our sports betting terms.

Sports betting is fun. Whether it's done to make a particular game more exciting, to impress your friends or to make some extra money, our job at Cooper's Pick is to help you consistently accomplish these goals. Call us if you are having trouble with gambling and we will gladly help you out.

Some bettors like to bet on their favorite teams, no matter what the odds are, while others, bet on sports for one simple reason: to make money and we're here to help you do that. There are many who make money consistently and even a few who make a nice living by regularly beating the house and by sticking with Coopers Pick you'll join that elite class. Simply put we will help you make money.

At Cooper's Pick we will bring you articles and advice ranging from industry professionals all the way to the sports books Sports books are willing to give sports betting tips in order to increase interest in the industry. Unfortunately, most bettors ignore this advice. For every sharp bettor there are a handful of bettors who lose on a regular basis and this is why the sports books are in business. Below are some tips and guidelines to follow to help you win!

Research, Research, Research
That's what we have provided you with here a comprehensive sports website with all things sports to help you do additional research if you have a question ask us or talk to others in the sports forum. We will gladly give you the confirmation needed for a prediction in a game but if you choose to go it alone knowing that you must do your homework is essential. Think of it like this you wouldn't buy a new car without looking at it first and doing your research. Sports betting is no different. A key to remember is that the sports books must keep on top of every sport they take bets for and follow every game. So find a specialty and go for it. Here at Coopers Pick we have the specialists that know their respective sports and industries watch the lines move and are here to aid you in your research to ensure that you come out on top in the long run.

Control Your Wins and Losses
Like all forms of betting you MUST be sure not to bet more than you can afford to lose. If you are going to bet on sports, simply put know your bankroll status it is important to set aside a certain portion of your money for betting and to stick with that. Winning money on sports is not a sprint and we apologize if you think that we can offer you that but if we told you we could we would be lying and we are here with pride and integrity for the long run. If you go ahead and bet your all of your money on one game and lose, human nature tells you to go ahead and chase your losses. Much like the stock market you must diversify your portfolio. If you spread your wagers out, and follow our handicapping advice you will certainly make a profit in the long run. Remember, there are no 100% guarantees on who will win in this business and any team can lose on any given night remember on any given Sunday any team can win. So please don't chase your loses.

Finding the best odds/Sports book
Different sport books can and will have different lines and payouts at any given time. With college sports and daily sporting events like MLB, you will be able to find different lines at different sports books. These books change their betting lines according to the betting patterns spread the risk out in counter party fashion. You will likely find two or three point differences in the lines for NBA and NCAA Basketball games. When betting your money, getting the best line is a top priority. And since the lines the bookmakers release are increasingly strong, the difference between a point or two is usually the difference between a win or a loss. Football and UFC fights, will usually have very similar numbers at most sports books because they are not daily sporting events. NFL and college football are one of the most popular betting sports and the sports books know that. That is an advantage to the sports bettor in many ways.

Make sure the sports book is reputable
Do your homework we have a list of all the verified sports books located here: sports books . Look into what payout methods each book has and how much they cost to do so (i.e. check, wire transfer, etc..) Also be sure to look into which book offers the best bonus's and rebates.

Don't Drive or Gamble while intoxicated
Alcohol affects your judgment and will more than likely help you to make irrational decisions you usually wouldn't otherwise have made. To make money sports betting and that's what we are here to do, you need to operate with a clear conscious. Being responsible whether your driving or gambling needs to be a priority.

Be Weary of big payout Parlays
While it sounds great to parlay 20 games for $5.00 with a $12,000 payout you must be logical and realize that the odds are greatly stacked against you and we are here to put the odds in your favor so please don't work against us. If your betting big bucks the difference in odds translate into a huge difference in your payout. Some books will have juicy odds on parlays and teasers but enter with caution.

The Best Betting Tips of All: 

Timing is everything
Timing is everything. For example with our horse races we are playing against the other bettors not the house and by doing so you increase your odds. The only thing is you can only do this by placing the wagers at the appropriate times often right before the gates open. If you are going to place a wager with a favorite, advised to place the wager earlier in the week when the pros are laying heavy money on the points. This doesn't always works but it's a point in the right direction

Does your favorite team always win?
Does your favorite team always win? Probably not unless we're talking about the Harlem Globetrotters. One of the biggest mistakes a sports bettor makes is taking their favorite team every game regardless of the odds. If the lines aren't in your favor proceed with caution.

There are so many important factors to be a successful sports bettor. Most individuals simply don't have the time research: situational trends, statistics, historical angles, line moves, game analysis, team trends, inflated numbers on public teams and a plethora of other important information that is necessary to come out on top. Like investing your money with a good stockbroker or getting the consistent returns from a mutual fund having a good sports handicapper is no different.

We must confess thought that much like other industries there are always a few sour apples that try to ruin it for the good guys like us. Much like there are great stockbrokers and hedge fund managers there are bad ones out there as well. The handicapping business has been flooded in the past with boiler rooms sales offices, 1-900-rip-offs, and those recorded free pick phone lines that get your phone number and obnoxiously hound you down with phone calls on a daily basis. These services are often skilled in high pressure marketing tactics but know very little when in comes to sports handicapping and looking out for your best interest we suggest you stay away.

Slow and steady wins the race, just like any other business venture the same rules still apply to any business. Sometimes reality is tough but in sports there are no locks just games with highly favored odds, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme hence the slow and steady motto, any game can lose in unthinkable ways (think any given Sunday), you're your going to have to face losing days but by spreading your risk and diversifying with our help you will end up on top in the long run.

If you prefer to just use our site just for the plethora of information, blogs, sports handicapping advice, and more please feel free but at least Call or opt in for a free pick to see what you are missing out on. 1-888-730-2667 Nobody is every obligated to use our free picks, football picks, basketball picks, horse racing picks, mma picks, nhl picks, and baseball picks which are the best in the world thanks to our system and connections but if you do decide to make use of it remember now matter what you do, have fun!

Betting Tips courtesy of Coopers Pick

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