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How Much Barack Obama has Made Betting ATS in March Madness at Wager Web

 Obama is Killing it in his 2011 NCAA March Madness Predictions
How good is our President Barack Obama at picking winners for college basketball?
Nearly 8 Dimes good.
We looked at all of president Obamas picks so far this year and how much money he has made betting against the spread with online sportsbook Wager Web and Coopers Pick is looking to give Obama a part time job next March Madness as he is almost keeping up with our top handicappers.
His seconds round was truly astonishing.
Round 2 analysis:
Obama Bracket 29-3 S.U. 90.6 % winners
Obama Bracket 20-11-1 ATS 64.5% winners
Rather impressive second round going 90.6%. Not too bad for a man dealing with geo-political affairs.

How Much has Obama Banked so Far?

Since he is our president making over $400,000 a year we assume that he is comfortable betting a dime a game so at that rate he is up in the second round almost $8,000 which will surely help to pay off our fiscal debts (perhaps Bernanke and Geithner should fill out brackets next year)
If you followed his picks you would have made: 
$1,000 bets means you would have won $7900 betting ATS in Round 2
$1,000 bettor at Wagerweb  who got a Free 1/2 pt for being friends with Coopers Pick made $8,900 following Obamas picks ATS in Round 2:
Round 2 Results:
Ohio State -25.5 W
George Mason +2 W
W Virginia -2 W
Kentucky -13 L
Marquette pk W
Syracuse -13 W
Washington -6 L
North Carolina -18.5 L
Duke -24.5 W
Michigan +1 W
Arizona -6 L
Texas -10 L
Cincinnati pk W
Temple -2 Push
San Diego ST -14.5 W
Kansas -23.5 L
Illinois +2 W
Richmond +3 W
Louisville -10 L
Georegtown -5.5 L
Purdue -14.5 W
Florida St -1 W
Notre Dame -14 L
Pitt -18.5 W
Butler +1.5 W
Kansas State -1.5 W
Wisconsin -4.5 W
Gonzaga pk W
BYU -9 L
Michigan State -1 L
Florida -12.5 W

Round 3
The third round gets interested since you need to keep in mind that many of the matchups he chose did not exist due to teams getting eliminated in the first two rounds. Here are the results for all true match-ups ATS (closing lines) that president Barack Obama had on his bracket with the results for Round 3 but its tough to say that our President would still have confidence betting all of these games since the matchups become skewed due to the second round losses.

Round 3 Results:
Ohio State -11.5 W
Kentucky -3.5 W
Syracuse -4.5 L
North Carolina -3.5 L
Duke -12.5 L
Arizona +5.5 W
San Diego State -5.5 W
Kansas -8 W
Notre Dame -5 L
Pitt -8 L
Kansas State +3 L
BYU -1 W
Round 3: Mr. President goes 7-6 still eeking out a winning percentage:
Going into the Elite 8 and Final 4 none of the matchups that he has line up so it wouldn't be possible to take any of his predicted games.
Obama's Finish after 3 rounds comes out to an impressive +7.9 Units looks like we found the next best capper after Coopers Pick! Call now for a Free Pick 1-888-730-2667
A special thanks to Wager Web for providing us the betting information thus far for March Madness. 

Plus 1 Coopers Pick