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Private Investor Group

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Eddie Roman Consulting Handicapper or Scam Sports Tout

Eddie Roman Is he the real deal or just another horrible scam artist/scamdicapper sales team that is trying to convince you that they know how to pick games? Read more to find out about this sports tout:
First off any sports service that comes out and says that they have a 20,000 Dime Major League Baseball Play for the night is full of shit. This has been posted on many forums about how bad of a handicapper Eddie Roman Consulting is. To add insult to injury he used to have the worst handicapping legend of all time Brandon Lang on his website who is currently down -3757+ units where as Mike Cooper is up over 50,000 units in his life time of sports betting.
Watch this video to see what it really takes to make money for clients:
If you are serious about making money betting on sports than call us right away and we can get started explaining how we can make you some real money playing the sports market with a true sports expert who you can see, speak, and meet personally: Call 1-888-730-2667 and find out for yourself. If you  are a guy who isn't serious about making money and want a free pick for a 1-unit game than thats fine to but don't expect to make the six figure salary our private clients make.
Some of the other current consultants on Eroman's website whom we have never had the pleasure of speaking with our: Allen Watson, Bobby Esposito, Jack Burnet, Ray Panzarella, and Dave Douglas. Don't waste your time joining their consensues club or Diamond club make real money with a sports mensa like Cooper call me now and find out for yourself why I am consistently ranked at the top of all of the sports handicapping monitors

Plus 1 Coopers Pick