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10 reasons to pay attention to the College World Series

10 reasons to pay attention to the College World Series

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Baseball season is underway around the major leagues this month, but the collegiate baseball season has been ongoing for a few months already in some places.

Not a fan of the college World Series, but a fan of baseball? Why not? Here are ten good reasons that should change your mind about watching the college kids swing the lumber.

10. Mutual love for Omaha – The city of Omaha has been home for this annual meeting of the best in college baseball since 1950. This year it moves across the street from legendary Rosenblatt Stadium to the new TD Ameritrade Park. Omaha truly comes alive during the College World Series.   

9. Double elimination – Unlike the men’s basketball tournament, your season doesn’t end if you lose one game. You get the chance to go into the loser’s bracket of the double elimination tournament, and often teams with one loss find a way to win this tournament. Now that makes for some upset specials and great wagering opoprunities.

8. No Evil Empires – Unlike their professional counterparts, you don’t have the same teams winning every single year. In fact, schools like Rice can rise up and win the championship like they did in 2003. I mean don’t we all have a little underdog in us.

7. Tradition unlike many others – Many schools have developed traditions of winning in college baseball. So while there are schools like Rice that rise up, you can also count on great programs like Texas, Miami, and LSU to be competitive year after year – just not in the same way that Duke in basketball or Ohio State in football seem to do in terms of lending itself to those rooting against them specifically.

6. Regional play – There are over 293 teams playing D-I baseball competitively, and every one of them feels like they can play in the big dance in a given year. Conference play can lend itself to put teams into the field of 64, and provide some unique early round match-ups.           

5. Super Regional play – The 16 teams that survive the regional play then engage in best-of-three super regional series that produce the eight teams, which head to Omaha for the tournament.

4. Stars of tomorrow – Sal Bando, Dave Winfield, Bob Horner, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark Kotsay, Pat Burrell, and Huston Street are just some of the names of those that could be endlessly listed as first introducing themselves to the baseball world during the College World Series.

3. No BCS bias – It was a big deal that Butler came from a mid-major to play in the NCAA title game in consecutive seasons. In the last ten years, three so-called ‘mid-major’ conference teams have won national championships in college baseball. Rice in 2003, Cal State Fullerton in 2004, and Fresno State in 2008 are just part of the reason why this tournament is so exciting.

2. Drafting opportunities – As we mentioned earlier, great players have used this tournament as a platform to launch their careers into the national consciousness. This tournament tests your meddle against the best of the best, and more and more you see MLB teams drafting players that play college baseball rather than choosing players out of high school. It’s an opportunity to improve your draft status or further cement it.

1. One shining moment – Even though the main part of the tournament in Omaha is played as double elimination, the championship round becomes single elimination. This means that you need to be strong enough to get to the championship game and then have nerves of steel to put it all on the line in one final showdown.

Finally, unlike football, in which players are hidden by a mask (with exception to catchers), baseball is a game of faces, of individuals who stand out in a crowd.

Most of these players will be drafted to the Big Leagues, and a decent number will someday contend for a real World Series, so you should start to get to know them now.

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