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Ty Gaston Pro Scouts Scamdicapper

TY Gaston Scam Artist
Did some research today on a "tout" that tried to say he was a great handicapper and could hang with the likes of Cooper's Pick and Doc Sports. He asked if he could start working with us since we are the biggest sports service in the nation and scammers like this give the few reputable guys in the business who use their real name a bad image in this industry.
Mike Cooper look me up Cooper's Pick - See the correleation I use my real name and will gladly meet any of my clients face to face. I live, eat, breathe, and dream sports. This is what I do and very few people in the world have the connections from Costa Rica to Las Vegas as I do to get the best plays day in and day out.
Ty Gaston has a documented handicapping record of 36% is absolutely lambasted on the forums and doesn't even use his real name; which is Ben Fraga.
Avoid Ty Gaston at all costs his website Pro Scouts is an absolute joke and the guy is a horrible handicapper. This GUY SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
If you want real Picks and you want to make real money betting on sports than there are only a select few places you can safely go to and speak with the owner himself who doesn't hide behind a fake name. Call Mike Cooper Today and see why we are a pleasure to deal with and our clients have been with us for years instead of Ty Gaston's clients who may last a week at best.
-Mike Cooper 

Plus 1 Coopers Pick