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How Money Line Bets Work

Money Line Betting - How to Bet Moneyline

Moneyline betting often abbreviated by sportsbooks as ML are SU (straight up) bets that disregard the point spread. The big difference on money line wagers is that it will have a different payout for the winner than the bet against the spread. So for example if the Oklahoma City Thunder is -160 and the Memphis Grizzlies are -120 you would need to bet $160.00 to take home a $260.00 total (OKC was the favorite team.) That means the risk is $160.00 to win $100.00. 
Now if the Memphis Grizzlies win you would get a scenario where the risk is only $120.00 to win $100.00. Since the Grizzlies are the underdog you would be receiving a higher payout on the straight up wager. 

Every major sport you can bet on uses a money line but not every sport you can bet on uses a point spread. So it comes in handy to know how to bet money lines especially since most of the winning MLB Picks we give out our straight up money-line plays. 

If their was no favorite/underdog than the line may be: 
Houston -120
Atlanta -120 
What this means is you can take either team to win risking $120.00 to get back $100.00

What happens if there is a big time favorite?

Excellent question sometimes you may encounter something that the online sportsbooks are showing that appears to look like the following:
San Diego -4000
New York +3500

What this means is that you have to wager $4,000.00 on San Diego to win a measley $100.00 but if the big time underdog New York wins and you put $100.00 on them your payout would be a whopping $3,500.00

To learn more about sports betting tips and sports betting terms please do check out the rest of Coopers Pick or give us a call at 1-888-730-2667 so we can help you make a lot of money with our specialty sports betting system.

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