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Over Under Betting How to Bet Totals

Need Help Betting on Totals? Learn how to bet on the Over/Under
Whether you are betting on Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Cricket....well you get the point any sport you bet on you can wager on the Total. 

In most cases the totals are based on the total amount of points for both teams combined either divided by quarter, half, or at the end of the game. Experienced bettors who follow our betting advice wager on first half and quarter totals but the novice gambler should hold off until we teach them how to make money wagering on sports.

Example of Over Under
If the New York Jets are playing the New England Patriots and the total is 48 that means that if the total amount of points scored by both teams is less than 48 the under would win. If the amount is greater than 48 the over would win. If the final score was 38-7 than it would result in a push. 

Aside from betting against the spread (ATS), totals are the most popular wagers in the sports betting world.

If you need any help feel free to call the Coopers Pick staff at 1-888-730-2667 and receive a Free Pick so we can show you how to make real money in the sports world. Also please feel free to check out our gambling terms to learn more about lingo  that you may hear in the industry.

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