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NBA Western Conference Finals Preview

NBA Betting for the  Western Conference Finals A Tale Of Experience Versus Youth

For the first time in four sports betting years the two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers will not compete for a conference title out west. It was the Dallas Mavericks that took them out in round two with an improbable four-game sweep, setting the stage for a Western conference final showdown that few could have predicted. On one side, the veteran Mavericks’ team that has underachieved for years but may have finally found the winning formula. On the other, it’s the surging Oklahoma City Thunder group that has come together over the past couple of years to reach the status of a legitimate championship contender. While there are many perspectives to consider, the biggest factor could be the ability to win it all with the pressure on, and that is where one of these teams holds a notable edge.

The Thunder had little trouble with the Denver Nuggets in the opening round, but it was a different set of circumstances in the conference semi finals when they were pushed to seven games by the Cinderella eighth-seeded Memphis Grizzlies. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have emerged as one of the elite tandems in the league, and with a solid supporting cast in James Harden, Nick Collison, and Kendrick Perkins, they may finally be ready to go all the way. Serge Ibaka has emerged as one of the depth players that has made the difference this year, but it will come down to Durant and Westbrook’s ability to deliver in the clutch if they are going to have a pay per head chance against the veteran Mavericks.

It isn’t only the experience that gives an edge to Dallas in this series however, with the depth that Dirk Nowitzki has playing behind him another big reason why the Mavericks made such quick work of the defending champions. Nowitzki again has been the team’s go-to scorer in the clutch, but beyond him Dallas is as deep as it has been in years. Jason Terry has averaged 18.3 points per game this season and is coming off of the bench, while there are a couple of other players that have played key roles with the team this year. Peja Stojakovic finished third in team scoring after rediscovering his sports betting bonus scoring touch from beyond the arc, while Jason Kidd has been another quality scorer while running the offense. Tyson Chandler may be the best center that the team has ever had, while Shawn Marion has provided the type of flash and style that compliments the rest of the offense perfectly. With players such as Terry and JJ Barea coming off of the bench, Dallas doesn’t lose anything when they make their rotations. That depth is something that has been crucial for the team all year, and in the end will give them a decisive edge over Durant and the Thunder. Oklahoma City will give them a tough ride, but in the end it will be Mark Cuban standing on his feet and losing his mind in celebration although his horse just won the 2011 Preakness Stakes betting race.

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