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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

If Bets

 How to Play IF Bets at the Sports Book and What An If Bet Is:
If bets or Wagers are 2 straight up bets (SU) on 1 single betting ticket with the stipulation that the second bet is not made unless the first wager wins. This is done to let a gambler increase their bets while hedging or insuring against a second wager if the first one loses. 
The if bet will be effective if the first wager results in a push or win depending on the sportsbook. The wagers don't have to happen in the same order of time, meaning the 2nd wager can happen prior to the 1st wager placed. You can also choose how much to bet on the subsequent bets. Meaning you can lay more down on the second wager. 

Here is an Example of an IF BET
Boston Red Sox +1.5 -115 (to win $100.00)
Toronto Blue Jays -1.5 -115 (to win $100.00)

So when the Boston red Sox fail to cover the spread. The ticket can be ripped up and deemed useless and your out $115.00. Now if the Boston Red Sox do cover you make $100.00 and than the bet continues to ride if the Toronto Blue Jays now win than you receive $315.00 or if they blue jays than lose than you only lose $15.00 and am paid $95.00 for the two bets. 

While these wagers may seem rather complicated they are not you just need to have an understanding of risk and other factors that are needed to be a successful sports bettor as outlined in our sports betting tips section of Coopers Pick.  Also check out our sports betting terms to learn more gambling terminology and strategies that we use to consistently beat the bookmakers.

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