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Football Locks

Football Locks
Come Sunday we get the best information and deliver Football Locks for the NFL each and every week. Our College Football Picks are no different as well. We deliver on our promise and guarantee that we will make you money each and every week as long as you continue to follow Coopers top notch sports betting system.
Our Football Locks consistently make money because we have the best connections and research capabilities after decades in the business we know oddsmakers from Costa Rica where most of the off-shore sportsbooks are located all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Whether you like to Bet on the NFL or College Football it's never smart to go it alone because you will surely lose no matter what. You have to ask yourself this: Whats bigger your Ego or your Wallet?
If you like making money than let your wallet do the talking and join in on Coopers winning football lock club. For more information on this you can call Mike Cooper the owner of Coopers Pick any time toll free at: 1-800-730-2667.
Our service plays so far this year have made our clients over $48,000 thanks to our football betting picks. With a record breaking year and big things ahead you need to hurry up and stop trying to pick games on your own each week of the season. With big bowl games, steam plays, and parlays right in front of you the time is now and the opportunity is ripe.
With our strict disciplined betting system your going to hate not betting on all the games you want to each week but your wallet and bank account are going to love you thanks to enormous profits.
Don't like talking on the phone? Thats fine we can deliver a Football Lock via email just opt-in for a Free Pick  and we will get you started making money today with our football picks because as you have probably read all the amazing stories and testimonials about what Cooper has done for his clients. If you want to make up to six-figures this year betting on sports than following Coopers Football Lock club is the way to go.
Call now 1-888-730-2667 and ask for the NFL and NCAA College Football Lock Club Package. 

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