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SBR Forum Service Plays and Sports Picks

SBR Forum Service Plays
Sportsbook Review Forum and website is nationally recognized by many sports bettors but one think that is a huge scandal and scam that many people do not know nor is it talked about on SBR is that the Online Sportsbooks that they have ranked at the top of the list and really promote as the most reputable and highest rated sports books are actually paid listings to be there...
Get a Free Pick from Cooper Today and see what a reputable and honest handicapper can do for you
Yes, I said it. SBR Forum and all of its subsequent properties are strictly bribes from other bookmakers that they offer high rankings and ratings to in exchange for money. So, when we are asked to post and advertise on their site we refuse to do so because we do not want to be associated with a place that practices in such illegitimate and unethical standards.
The service plays that you find on the site are entirely promotional tout service material that is useless and you also must be very careful and weary about people that give out games for everybody to see. Sine we pay a lot of money for the information we get on games it doesnt make sense for us to give out free material to the public because that would be unfair to our thousands of paying clients.
So if somebody is giving out a free service play every day they are no better than you are at picking winners. If you want to make money don't jump at the SBR Forum rather go to a sports service that is reputable and has lots of proud clients and you tube testimonials.

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