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Who2BetOn Scamdicappers

WHO2BETON.COM Avoid Prez At All Costs
Our job is to always look into the best interest of our clients. If we didn't do that than we would be doing a disservice to our clients and the community. To be honest we get contacted and try to get to know everybody who has the right sports connections because thats how we make YOU MONEY by getting the best and most valuable information for our customers.
While we can't vouch for the entire team at Who2beton we can certainly say that all individuals looking for who they should bet on need to avoid the "Prez" at all costs. This cannuck is such a bad handicapper that he told us he's doing so bad for him and his clients that he doesn't think he will be in business much longer and that he is trying to get out while he still can because he has such a horribly bad record of picking winners and loses himself and his clients so much money. To make matters worse he tries to fool his clients he said by putting phony and fake records of his on his site. 
With a story like that and the guy still trying to fight back I can only think of one term "Scam" and I would certainly tell anybody that if they want somebody who can make them money than call Mike Cooper and his analysts at Coopers Sports Picks: 1-888-730-2667 they are one of the only reputable sources for sports information left in the game.
So again avoid Prez and his losing picks at all costs since the guy is certainly not legitimate. As for handicappers Andrew Tan, Fatty McElroy, Matt Fargo, Steve Merril, Tony Higgins, Rocketman Sports, the Wiseguys, Teddy Covers, Tradeline Global, LT Profits, Jim Kruger, Alex Smart, Blake Savage, Jim Feist and Vic Vargas I can't vouch for them one way or the other but one thing is for sure anybody who works under a fraudster like the "Prez" who can't even pick hockey winners is a bad sign so again avoid at all costs.
*This is a guest post submitted by a 3rd party.

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