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Home Field Advantage in Sports Betting

Is Having Home Field Advantage Helpful in Sports Betting?
Sports Betting Odds are changed and adjusted based on many factors but one notable one that helps to set the line is Home Field Advantage. With NFL and College Football betting the home team can receive up to 3 extra points simply for having home field advantage. Obviously the point spreads are adjusted accordingly for basketball, baseball, and hockey betting.
The reason why points are often given to the home team is that they have massive (in most cases) fan support, are more comfortable, and thus have an edge that the oddsmakers have to make up for. That is one of the main reasons why you will see in college basketball betting lines that often seem too good to be true but the amount of energy the student body can pump into the players is truly unimaginable. 
For example the Minnesota Vikings may be an underdog if they were playing at Lambeau field against the Green Bay Packers but playing at their own dome they may be giving up to 3 points and the fan support from the tailgate to the lack of boos will really make a tremendous difference.
The economic and statistical study that the analysts here at Coopers Pick have done shows that their is a statistical bias in the initial line created based on Home Field Advantage. There hardly is a mispricing based on home field court advantage in regular season and playoff games in NFL, NCAA, NBA, and MLB games. 
Their is a myth that betting on the home team is always a great strategy but it is already priced into the odds and thus is a horrible and unprofitable betting strategy.  
You need to work with an expert like Coopers Pick to recognize when the opportunity and arbitrage is there. Call today 1-888-730-2667 for a Free Pick and see what its like to make thousands of dollars with the help of a handicapper. 

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