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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

NFL Picks Against The Spread

2013 NFL Picks Against the Spread

updated 9/18/2013

This season is turning out to be the most profitable one yet for Coopers Pick Clients. With a 2011 and 2012 record that blew the socks off for our clients who invested in our service saw immense returns. This year we will be only offering private investor group plays ATS for the National Football League season. 2013 is absolutely amazing and if your not on board making money with Coopers Pick then you are not making money at all simply said.

Week 1 Picks ATS:

Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins

Tons more awaiting you. We deliver the Over/Under as well as a parlay opportunity each week of the season.

Week 2 NFL Picks Against the Spread:

Take the Seattle Seahawks +3 over the San Francisco 49ers at home. Nobody plays as well at home as the hawks do

Take the Denver Broncos as Peyton Manning will run all over the New York Giants

Take the Redskins with the points in week 2

What are you waiting for opt in now for Free Picks as you're missing out on thousands of dollars by not receiving Coopers Tops plays. Do your research and watch the testimonial videos. Our work speaks for itself.

2012 ATS Record: 61-30

Current 2011 NFL ATS Record for Coopers Pick Private Plays:

This has been Mike Coopers best year ever with his Private Plays hitting record numbers. Making $100.00 bettors over $10,000 so far this season.

The National Footbal League Season is here and it's time to start making money with our betting plays. Last season Mike Cooper's Inner Circle Club Football plays went 58-17 for his clients making $100 bettors over $10,000 last season after juice and fees with his NFL Betting Picks against the spread and this season looks to be no different. Watch the video below to understand how Coopers Pick works with their sources to ensure that you make a lot of money betting on sports.

So far this season we have been the best in the world with our NFL PIcks Against the Spread beating out all of the Analyst predictions over at ESPN as well as CBS Sports. So make sure you get on board with our Expert Predictions and start making money off of your bookie with our helpful advice.

Also make sure to check out our:

Week 3 NFL Picks Against the Spread

Week 3 has a lot of great matchups. All of our clients are happy with the profits we have made them to so far this season. We want to continue that but we need your help to let everybody know about the money we are making you.

Take the Chiefs ATS on Thursday night football over the Philadelphia Eagles

Take the Chargers

Bet heavily 4 star play against the Steelers and love Da Bears all that you can

Second Half NFL Picks Against The Spread

available to private play members. Call now to learn more 1-888-730-2667

When it comes to picking winners nobody does a better job and so far with our Week 1 NFL Picks against the spread we have already laid out previews for the: 

<span 0="" 1="" style="\"float:" saints="" vs="" packers="" picks="" against="" the="" spread="" game="" of="" nfl="" a="" href="\" _cke_saved_href="\"\"" dallas="" cowboys="" new="" york="" jets="" -="" nationally="" televised="" learn="" more="" about="" how="" you="" can="" beat="" bookmakers="" this="" season="" with="" mike="" coopers="" and="" by="" calling="" 1-888-730-2667="" or="" sign="" up="" for="" late="" breaking="" text="" message="" type="\" css\""="" 10px="" box-shadow:="" border:3px="" solid="" padding:0="" text-shadow:0="" .swoostyadsbox="" div="" class="\"swoostyAdsBoxTitle\"" id="\"96934\"" hotel="" span="" margin-left:="" font-weight:="" cursor:="" title="\" report"="" book="" hotels="" resorts="" anywhere="" in="" india="" get="" free="" form="" action="\" http:="""" ads.php\""="" method="\" post\""="" input="" name="\" _cke_saved_name="\" action\""="" value="\" report\""="" _cke_pa_online=""><a title="\"Close\"">X</a></span><span style="\"float:" font-weight:="" cursor:="" a="" title="\"Report">!</span></p><div class="\"swoostyAdsBoxDescription\"">Auto backlinks service</div><div class="\"swoostyAdsBoxUrl\""></div><form action="\"\"" id="\"swoostyReportAdForm\"" method="\"post\""><input name="\" _cke_saved_name="\"adId\"" value="\"7\"" type="\"hidden\""><input name="\" _cke_saved_name="\"action\"" value="\"report\"" type="\"hidden\""></form>

Plus 1 Coopers Pick