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NFL Week 6 Picks Bills vs Giants

NFL Week 6 Preview: Buffalo Bills @ New York Giants (-3)

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Online Sportsbook Overview of this game:
The New York Giants have officially become the most difficult team in the NFL to
predict. In week five, it was expected that the Giants would crush the lowly Seattle
Seahawks. But quarterback Eli Manning and an injured New York defense managed
to make enough mistakes to give the Seahawks the game. Granted, the final Giants’
interception that sealed the game for Seattle was not Manning’s fault. But much of
the other mindless shenanigans that the Giants pulled on offense can be attributed to
Manning. Eli Manning remains the most prolific, and yet inconsistent, quarterback in the
history of professional football. People who argue in favor of Manning’s abilities point
to his amazing statistics and his one Super Bowl win. Those that argue against Manning
point to the countless highlight reels of Manning losing games almost on his own and the
reminder that Trent Dilfer is also a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

The Buffalo Bills only form of defense is turnovers. The price per head bookie
population has noticed that the Buffalo Bills’ defense is still unable to stop the run or shut
down the opposing team’s passing game. The reason that the Bills win football games
is its prolific offense and ability to take the ball away on defense. The Bills regularly
give up 400 yards or more to an opposing offense per game, but come away with the
win under the shield of five or more turnovers. The Bills cannot keep winning this way.
Eventually Buffalo will come up against an offense that can protect the ball and blow the
Bills out of a game. But that has not happened yet, and it won’t happen in week six.

New York Giants
To be fair, the Giants have a lot of key injuries on offense. Running back Brandon Jacobs
is out with a bad knee and wide receiver Mario Manningham has been playing injured all
season long. But Hakeem Nicks is perfectly healthy, and so is wide receiver Victor Cruz.
But Eli Manning drives the price per head bookmaking experts crazy by continually
missing his talented targets and throwing interceptions. In the first five weeks, Eli
Manning has five interceptions and two lost fumbles. He alone is responsible for seven
turnovers for the Giants. The problem is that Manning commits his turnovers at the worst
possible times. Once again, Manning is putting up huge numbers this season. But his act
is not going to play well against the opportunistic Bills’ defense.

Buffalo Bills
The Buffalo Bills’ defense gives up more rushing yards and total yards than almost any
other defense in football. But they have more NFL picks of prominent quarterbacks than
any other defense in the league. Any defensive secondary that can pick off Tom Brady
and Michael Vick four times in one game is dangerous to any quarterback. This Buffalo
defense is especially dangerous to a quarterback like Eli Manning who likes to give
games away late in the second half.

The Bottom Line
It would be a bet online scam to not give the Bills’ offense its due. Running back Fred
Jackson spearheads the fourth best running game in the NFL and quarterback Ryan

Fitzpatrick is in charge of the fourth best offense at scoring points. But it will be the
Bills’ defense that will win this game, even though the Buffalo defense will give up
another 400 or more yards in the process.

Pick: Buffalo Bills

Plus 1 Coopers Pick