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If your looking for information and reviews on than please check out the video below:

Wager line is a specialized service that allows sports bettors and fans to track their NFL, College Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB, and NHL plays while having them tracked by proprietary coded software. 

We use the Sports Handicappers Monitor and sure enough we are consistently ranked at the top because we win for our clients each and every week. By tracking a wager line you can get an overall sense on what people are betting on. The other option is to check out our betting odds and from there you will see how the public is betting on the game and learn how to read line movements but the most important thing is to realize that the public is almost always wrong and thats why you need somebody like Coopers Pick helping you out so that you can make the big money that you dream of when it comes to sports betting. 

If Coopers Pick took the time to see what the entire public was betting on and went the opposite direction than he would have a mediocre record but his methodologies that invovle working with off shore sportsbooks and analyzing the numbers so that we dont end up like the other sports gamblers of which only 1% of them actually make money.

If you decide to check out covers owned than you may enjoy the features of being able to keep a record and track it for no money down, the ability to enter your picks and totals to see what your strong on and weak on, contests and prizes if you can pick 20 winners in a raw against the spread, and of course check out others free picks who have losing records, and the ability to run a contest for yourself. 

There are so many great features at all of these websites but you have to know that to win you always need help from an expert and thats proven each and every year as we make our clients very very very wealthy. 

No matter what you do in the sports betting market whether you follow wagerline or you need to work with the best handicapper in the business and ESPN has spoken and voted Mike Cooper as the number one sports investment in the world. Call 1-888-730-2667 today for a free consultation with the worlds best handicapper. 


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