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Chicago Bears Denver Broncos Pick Week 14

NFL Week 14 Preview: Chicago Bears @ Denver Broncos (-3 ½)

Sports Bet Overview
There could be something much more sinister working against the Chicago Bears than
just injuries to starting quarterback Jay Cutler and starting running back Matt Forte. First
of all, Matt Forte is not listed as out for this game so the injury he sustained in the week
14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs may not be serious. But without its starting quarterback,
the Bears have no response for the growing tide of Tebowmania. The Bears could not
generate any offense against the Chiefs once Forte was out of the game. That means
that back-up quarterback Caleb Hanie could not move the ball against the Kansas City
defense. If Hanie could not move the ball against Kansas City, he isn’t going to find the
sledding any easier against the Broncos.

For the first time since Tebowmania started six games ago, the Denver defense did not
win the game for the Broncos. When the Tebow and the Broncos beat the Minnesota
Vikings 35-32 in week 13, the pay head sports experts could not help but notice that it
was Tebow’s offensive abilities that contributed to the win. There was no dramatic fourth
quarter rush for a touchdown that Tebow orchestrated in this game. This game was a
solid offensive effort from Tebow and his receivers. That means that Tim Tebow has
taken a small step towards developing into a real NFL quarterback and that is problems
for the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears
The Bears will have cornerback Charles Tillman back in this game, and that will help
against Tebow and the Denver offense. The Minnesota Vikings have a pretty good pass
rush that Tebow was able to beat, but it is not the same as the Chicago pass rush. Julius
Peppers has been relentless against NFL quarterbacks this season and has eight sacks for
his efforts, according to the price per head services. The Chicago defensive line can bring
the heat on the pass rush and linebacker Brian Urlacher will be there to shut down the
run. The Broncos are going to need more than magic to win this game.

Denver Broncos
Tim Tebow is 6-1 as a starter but week 13 was the first time that Tebow stood in the
pocket and won a game in the NFL. The people that thought that Tebowmania was a
betonline scam created by the betting sites are starting to see that there may be something
to it. The Broncos team is responding to the winning streak as veteran running back
Willis McGahee is picking up his game just to keep his rushing numbers ahead of
Tebow’s. The Denver defense was hampered by an injured Von Miller and Miller may
also not be a factor in this game either. But the Denver offense was able to pick up the
slack in week 13 and keep the winning streak alive.

The Bottom Line
Tim Tebow wins games by either running the ball himself or connecting on short passes
to his wide receivers. The Bears’ linebackers and defensive linemen are not going to let
Tebow play his usual game in week 14. We will see how the pressure from the Chicago
defense affects the game of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos’ offense.

Plus 1 Coopers Pick