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The History of Dwayne Wade Miami Heat Star


In a way, Dwyane Wade may be one of the most underrated basketball players of our time and space. While it may be odd to say this about a player that is looked at by peers and basketball writers as one of the top five players in the game, when you really look at it, Wade doesn't tend to get enough credit for what he does both on and off the court. Not only does wade still average over 22 points per game, but he is also a proven leader on the court. Sure, he may not score as many points as he once did (he won the scoring title in 2008-09, a year before LeBron took his talents to South Beach), but you can say that he may even more valuable now than he was then.

D-Wade Gets Drafted in 2003

Dwyane Wade burst onto the NBA scene in 2003 when the Miami Heat drafted the Marquette guard fifth overall. Wade almost immediately started paying dividends for the Heat, taking the team to playoffs in his first year. Wade finished third in Rookie of the Year voting, mostly due to the fact that both Carmelo Anthony and LeBron came out in the same year. In 2004, Shaquille O'Neal was traded to the Heat from the Los Angeles Lakers making the team almost instant title contenders. Due to O'Neal's outgoing personality, he became hte face of the team, and while Wade quickly became one of the league's best, O'Neal was the focus of most of the attention.

For example, when they Miami Heat won their first NBA Title in 2006, while O'Neal got most of the attention, Dwyane Wade quietly won the Finals MVP. While the Heat were unable to make a splash the next couple of years (O'Neal left two years after the title), Wade did continue putting up All-Star seasons, winning the scoring title in 2009. It was in 2010, though, when Wade may have made his biggest long-term contribution to the Heat, when he met with fellow free-agents LeBron James and Chris Bosh to create the "Big Three" in Miami. Suddenly, the Heat became arguably the most revered, and reviled, team in NBA history. While the Heat failed to win the 2011 NBA Championship (they lost in six games to the Mavericks), they are favored to win it all in 2012, 2012 and beyond.

Today, Dwyane Wade consistently puts up 25 points games, though he tends to be known more for his leadership than anything else. He is the kind of player that demands respect from others on the floor. This is one of the reasons why on a team where arguably a top-five all-time player is center stage, Wade is looked at as the undisputed leader.

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