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Danny Sheridan USA Today Oddsmaker Picks

Handicappers are a dime a dozen. Successful ones however are few and far between. Mike Cooper is proud to be in what is called "ELITE STATUS" when it comes to betting on sports nobody has a better proven track record in the underground scene in Las Vegas and Europe as Mike Cooper does.

Thanks to finess and Harvard whiz kid like savant skills it's easy to beat the bookmakers more often than not as long as your patient and you bet with your head not your heart. Now back to the USA Todays star oddsmaker Danny Sheridan. With star sportsbook managers like Jay Kornegay of the Las Vegas Hilton on both Danny and our radars it's tough to say that he doesn't have the skills in predicting winners like he used to but perhaps he only had it for a short period of time according to a recent interview that essentially stomps out Danny as a no good tout that doesn't gamble and claims that no sportsbooks will take his bets when in fact Cantor Gaming said they would gladly take $100,000+ wagers of his any single day of the week. 

Danny Sheridan is most famous for going public and giving out 7 picks in a row that all lost. He has no remorse and only charged his clients a few hundred dollars a week for the picks. If he actually was able to turn them a profit than it would have been okay. Unfortunately that was not the case. He is one of those handicappers who knows he is better teaching and configuring point spreads for football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and horse racing because he knows he can't pick winners like Cooper can. "Those that can't teach" and thats the reason Danny Sheridan has a book coming out about sports betting.

In his interviews he seems to be cocky and unwilling to prove himself to the world, where Mike Cooper is glad to give any of his clients a pay for performance deal to prove how good he is. Any client who has stuck with Coopers Picks for the entire season has never ever lost money. It's important to not be a tout but to be the best. We pride ourselves on doing just that with diligence and hard work.

Find out who is going to cover the spread and start profiting from the office pool. Mike Cooper is the answer to all of your legal sports betting needs. We Pick, You Win. Call today to see what all of the hype is about 1-888-730-2667

Plus 1 Coopers Pick