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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

2013 MLB Playoff Picks

The baseball season has thrown out a lot of curveballs to gamblers and many had no idea that betting on runlines and totals can be very difficult. However, we have had an amazing baseball season ranking in the top 1% for winning picks and our return on investment for clients was even more amazing. Now that the 2013 Major League Baseball Playoffs are here to bet on we want you to prosper and make a large return on investment as we have done all season.

Watching the video above explains how Coopers Pick is so vigilant and able to create such great wealth for their clients. Now the opportunity is yours to make money with the 2013 MLB playoffs this year. The St. Louis Cardinals have given bettors great opportunites to wager on futures to profit immensely while other opportunities such as betting series using our proprietary betting system based on pitching rotations and other in depth research that we have found to work is the solution to making money off of sports betting.

We release the latest 2013 MLB Lines and betting odds to help you profit off of the most advantegous line movements.

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