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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

Summertime Sports Betting

Well the summertime is here and there is little to nothing to bet on. The NFL season can not be here soon enough and even Las Vegas, Nevada is bored waiting on something for you to bet on. So how do you make money and what can you gamble on this summer while we wait for football to kick off?

Well lets start with Major League Baseball. Our baseball handicapping experts last summer made our clients and investors who bet $1,000 a game $59,270 in the summer season and MLB can give you a lot of different opportunities to bet on different games. Thanks to favorable moneylines and a few excellent betting strategies that we have backtested and perfected you can be assured to make money gambling on baseball with Coopers Picks and our handicapping help.

Then there is the WNBA. Yes womans basketball. While it may seem painful to watch one thing for sure will make you smile. Whats that? The profits you will be taking in are growing thanks to our expert advice. Since most bookmakers in Vegas do not know how to properly price these games you can make a lot of money wagering on these games. Other summer time betting opportunities come in the form of Horse Racing at popular domestic and international tracks as well as Soccer in Europe.

Our expert handicappers will teach you about a system that is profitable and perfected so that you can be positive that you willl make money with our help. Call 1-888-730-2667 today to learn more.

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