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How to Make Money Betting on College Football

How to Make Money Betting on College Football

Each week, the average Person beats the oddsmakers, using no black magic, no advanced gadgetry and with no real method to their madness. However for each winner there are tons of gamblers who lose lots of money and thus the reason why they need the expert advice and help of our star handicappers.

Sometimes its easy for college football fans to become trapped in psychological betting, failing to forget the hard facts and remembering just five simple rules for betting on college football.
The way you ask? It is quite simple actually.
So to ensure you make the absolute most from your college football gambling, we have built them the following tips and guidelines so you can make money as we do betting on NCAA Footbal each week and never having a losing season makes it al that much sweeter for us. Have you been profitable every season? If not call 1-888-730-2667 and talk with us about football.

Rule No. 5: Never guess street favorites
Regardless of how hard you try, you just can not resist.
Finding street favorites isn't a home field advantage and winning strategy is quite true, especially in place like The Swamp or Seminole Stadium.
Bet on your home team, specially people getting details.
You imagine, hey, I will get a good team only at even money or slighlty better odds because their playing on the road — wrong.

Rule No. 4: In a shoot-out get the points
The concept here is easy, if it is expected — it'll probably happen.
If you've a match-up between two offensive powerhouses, you're going to have a shootout. Specially, if both teams have unsure defenses.
But when one team is somewhat greater defensively, Vegas is probably planning to record them while the favorite with a sky-high over/under.
You ought to be taking the points and betting the underdog, if the underdog is getting a touchdown or more in a shoot-out. If it’s less-than a touchdown, it's probably not worth betting.
Do your-self a favor and don’t be worried about how many complete details will be scored or which team is favored, when you establish a shootout. Instead, consider the spread.
Learn to Be described as a Lucrative College Gambler

Rule No. 3: Bet contrary to the weakness
Every group has one or more Achilles' heel.
Therefore, if you’re going to bet on a game between a pair of awful teams, which w recommend that you do not —spend time determining what their weakness is —offensive line, secondary, quarterback, special teams.

Rule No. 2: Do not bet on bad teams succeeding
College football teams are proven to display the impossible.
More often than not, bad groups probably just get 'lucky.'
Therefore, when finding games, first study a team’s schedule and examine conditions before indiscriminately placing your hard-earned money on the group that may certainly disappoint, and take your money.

Rule Number ONE FOR College Footbal Betting
Everybody loves an underdog and double-digit point spreads are engaging.
But, let’s be true.
Don’t choose groups because they are underdogs. Choose them because they might actually win.
Bottom line, give your self the very best chance at success by only picking a team that's a shot at winning.

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