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College Basketball Betting Advice

It is essential for one to grasp college basketball betting advice before you embark on betting on the game. You should always follow the advice on betting no matter what sport it is. Here is some sound proof advice that will get you on the right direction it does not matter which sport it is, it all works.

Money Management


This is not different in college basketball than any other sport. Basically stay focused on your strategy and be tight on it. There are 300 college basketball teams that mean the lined games are many all year round. You have to have time but if you do you will be betting on a small percentage of your money the whole time.

If you focus on a couple of these games you will be to have a 2% average per bet. That now is possible and depends on your strategy and the percentage you have drawn for each bet. Always stick to the college basketball advice no matter how you bet. You can increase in terms of growth of your bankroll if you use money management but remember it does not assist you to win. It will help you go over the stumbling losing streaks.

Multiple Sports book Accounts


Depending on the sports book college betting lines can range from 1-3 points especially totals. You have to be able to use the best line to avoid losing money or misusing it. If the lines are erratic then the multiple outs are greater. In college hoops the lines are not the same, which can help losses into winners.

As a new beginner use a number of sports books such as The Greek and Bodog for square bettors. If you have managed to open a few accounts, you can open another after you have added your bankroll.



Ken offers amazing college basket ball information. It has valuable research that will boost you in any game you bet on. The Prediction Tracker is another site that offers a lot of data that is good. It offers a lot of sound statistics. It has a follow up on game predictions from various sites. Data is waiting for you to make use of it and it’s absolutely free.

Keep Precise Records


Record keeping is essential because it will help you keep in tune with your wagers and where they are. It is important for you to open 3 or 4 sports book accounts. Sites like SBR Forum offer amazing strategies to assist you. Just always keep clear records of your data to be on the safe side.

Stay Focused and Set Goals


Individuals who set career goals are said to be more successful that those that do not even attempt to. In terms of betting on college basketball you need to apply goals so you can be an achiever. It does not take a lot of your time and it’s not hard, this is the simplest of all.

Relax and sketch down your goals on what exactly you want to achieve for the season. Then you can always turn back to see how far you have gone and if you have been successful or not. Also you become focused more even through the tough times you will go through.

Narrow Your Focus/Become an Expert

When you are a beginner you should always focus on 1-4 games. The more educated you are on these bets the better you become. Try to put your entire attention on the 1-3 small/ medium games which normally have little people focusing on them. You need to learn everything about the games because in college basketball betting there are a lot of teams to focus on. Just stick to your strategy and all will go well.

Follow this advice and you won’t have a problem with college basketball betting and you can build on that. Give this a try and this will work for you in any other sport game that you bet on.

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