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Tony McCoy celebrates 4,000th winner at Towcester on Mountain Tunes

Tony McCoy succeeded his 4000th winner with a fabulous ride on Thursday. He definitely kept the racing world waiting patiently for days because the horse he raced on was pre destined or defeat and amazingly took lead from the line.  The crowd was magnificent as they cheered with a loud blast and the stands soon became clear as the crowd ran to congratulate the coming back of a jump jockey who had disappeared from the previous sport records.

Just when McCoy in September 1990 took his first ever ride with a weight of 6st4lb, Peter Scudamore had taken the jump jockey win who managed 1,678 before his retirement two years after. The came Richard Dunwoody who set a high result of 1,699 but McCoy had passed that 11 years ago. Every winner he has ridden has proven to be a record breaker, and in the sports today no one is assured that his new total can be matched by anyone.

However, a fine supporting cast for McCoy was portrayed, which included the race horse owner JP McManus who was away overseas all week and flew back into Britain just in time to watch this fabulous triumph. His family also made it to this event from the Country Antrim. His fabulous wife, Chanelle was the first to welcome him back and his fellow riders flocked to join the excitement of jubilation. She and her two daughters aged 13 and 6 joined in the celebration and were soaked in champagne that was spayed at McCoy.

McCoy also had a view that he was relieved and it was a great feeling to have triumphed in the race. He also admitted that he had take a few rides and was determined to get to the landmark on a fabulous horse owned by McManus and Jonjo O’Neill the trainer. These have been amazing supporters who have shared in the 2010 Grand National triumph with Don’t Push It and Cheltenham Gold Cup victory on Synchronized last year.

According to McCoy he said that people are concerned about this type of sport but basically we want to do what is beat for the horse. He even said that he was lucky that Mountain Tunes gave him a good portrayal and that without these awesome horses to ride this race will completely be out of question. However McCoy is far from retiring and his wife Chanelle says at 39 he should consider doing so while he is still in one piece. But for McCoy he is still keen on racing.

His next target is 4,182 which is the number of winners trained by Martin Pipe of which he had seven enthusiastic years at the start of his career. Besides this he wants to rack up 20 seasons as a winner which will take him to 2015 in the season of spring. According to him nothing is impossible and he had a view of some riders that rode in their 50’s and also triumphed. But McCoy has friend that have ended paralyzed from falls and JT McNamara is a friend who fell at the Cheltenham Festival and became paralyzed.

He said that ever since he started this game he has come across riders experiencing fatal injuries and also serious one and he has hoped in all his life that none will happen to him. It is simply because of his determination to stand up no matter the circumstance that he is in, but this is not as easy as it looks, it takes a whole lot of confidence to be a good successful rider.

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