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A Complete Beginner's Guide to Sports Betting
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A Complete Beginner's Guide to Sports Betting


A Complete Beginner's Guide to Sports Betting

Many people are curious about the world of sports betting and gambling but are hesitant to take the plunge and actually try it out. Part of the reason for this is that the world of betting is rather impenetrable to those with no previous experience. Not only do you have to know the sport that you are going to bet on quite well, but you also need to understand all of the new gambling terms that you have probably never heard before.



The good news is that it is all much, much simpler than it appears from the outside. Sports betting is not something that you can pick up overnight, but it is something that you can start to learn about with ease. You don't have to put any actual money down until you are absolutely ready to do so.

Below are some simple words of advice to help the beginner identify the best sports and the best casino for their needs.

Which Sport(s) Will You Choose?

Naturally, before you can start betting on sports you will need to decide which sports you are going to bet on. Most gamblers will have a specific sport in mind, one that they are very familiar with and that they understand inside and out. There's no reason that you can't indulge in betting on multiple sports, of course. But sports betting it's not like playing a casino game. You aren't just playing the odds; you are also factoring in a lot of qualitative knowledge about the game and the players.

There are even some interesting gamblers who have little to no interest in sports at all, but who are fixated with the world of gambling. For these people, betting on a new sport is an opportunity to expand their gambling repertoire. If you fall into the latter category, you should still read up on whatever sport you are planning on betting on.

What Outcome(s) Will You Bet On?

When most people bet on sports, they are betting on the outcome of the match. The simplest type of sports bet you can make is whether a particular team or individual will triumph. However, there are a plethora of different outcomes that you can bet on depending on the sport in question.

For example, you could bet that a football match will end with a victory for a particular team. Or you could be even more adventurous and bet that a specific player will score a goal, perhaps even by a specific time in the match. Many newcomers to sports betting are surprised by just how many different outcomes can be bet on in many sports.

Needless to say, more specific outcomes will generally yield bigger payouts. If you bet that your team is going to win by 3 goals to 2, for example, you won't win as much money as you would if you bet that your team was going to win by 3 goals to 2 and that the star player was going to walk away with a hat-trick.

The better you know a sport, the easier you will find it to identify the outcomes worth betting on. If you are new to a particular sport, it is usually best to start with the more basic bets and then move on to more difficult to predict outcomes when you understand the game a little better.

Online or Offline?

Online casinos have been around since the inception of the internet. Over the last couple of decades, they have exploded in popularity and many people find the online gambling experience to be preferable to the traditional offline one.

Of course, some people go the other way, and much prefer actually visiting a bookmaker to make their bets. The choice really is up to you, there are now plenty of excellent options in both arenas.

If you do decide to gamble online, it is worth taking some time to research your options. We will come on to how to vet individual casinos in a moment, but before you can vet a casino, you need to discover it. Rather than relying on the top results from Google, you might find it more useful to visit some online communities and message boards dedicated to sports betting. This will enable you to ask other users about their experiences and learn things that you would otherwise miss.

Is The Casino Legit?

Once you have found an online casino that you like the look of, the next thing you need to do is to run a few simple checks to make sure that everything is above board. For example, let's give this site a try and go through how we know it is a legitimate online casino.

First and foremost, if you Google the name Novibet online and look for some user reviews, you will find plenty of positive reports confirming that the casino operates legally and reliably. You do get the occasional online casino that is a scam, but these tend to get banned pretty quickly and soon drop off the radar.

Once you have verified that the casino is a legitimate one, you can then begin to dig into the features that it offers. In the case of Novibet, you can instantly see a live chat option on their homepage. Live chat is the preferred means of offering customer support for online casinos. Rather than having to wait for emails to be sent back and forth, a live chat feature enables you to talk directly to customer support staff.

Something else that instantly leaps out of you when you first visit Novibet is the range of sports available to bet on. On the left-hand side of the page, you will see a quick menu that includes the most popular sports, above a more comprehensive list of all the various sports they offer and the betting tools they provide.

Once you have placed a few bets on a few different games, you should begin to pick things up relatively quickly. There are lots of online communities out there that are full of other betting enthusiasts. These are a rich source of advice and guidance if you need some.


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