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What Makes Pay Per Head Different?
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What Makes Pay Per Head Different?


What Makes Pay Per Head Different?


Are you looking to start a new online sportsbook to take advantage of the huge market? If so, you’re going to want to learn about pay-per-head (PPH) providers and how they can help you.

The great thing about PPH services is that you remain in complete control of your business.

Some new bookies will simply sign-up under a bookie as a sub-agent. However, you have no control over your business this way and it’s a much better decision to utilize a PPH bookie solution.


Apart from being in complete control, PPH services provide you with everything needed to run an online bookie. There’s really no other feasible way to launch a new bookie in 2020 and beyond.

What Does a PPH Bookie Service Provide?

Here are the most important features to look for when joining a pay per head company. Keep in mind not every service will offer all of these features, so doing some research is mandatory.

● Software/Website: The most important feature is the software needed to run a bookie. Trying to develop or lease this software is expensive. Another benefit of using a PPH service is that they have years of experience using/upgrading the software to ensure it works properly.

● Call Center/Support: Don’t spend the entire day answering emails and phone calls. A PPH service will handle player support for your clients. The leading services also allow players to call in bets through a 24/7 call center. Your clients can bet even without internet access.

● Accounting/Reports: No need to hire a bookkeeper, as PPH services generate real-time reports detailing every aspect of your business. There are also betting reports showing exactly how much you have at risk, how much you owe and much more.

● Betting Markets: Your clients will have the ability to bet on hundreds of markets on a daily basis and you don’t even need to set the odds. Of course everything is customizable, but there’s no need to set/move any betting odds if you don’t want, as that’s done for you.


Running an online sportsbook is a lot of work. There are a hundred things to work on everyday and if you’re a one-person team then you’re never going to be able to run a bookie successfully.

PPH services provide you with the assistance you need to make this business work. You can ensure the daily tasks of your business are being taken care of without your involvement. This will allow you time to market your business, as without a steady stream of players, you’re not going to make much.

Without pay per head shops it wouldn’t be possible for an individual to run a sportsbook. You don’t need a team and you definitely don’t need a big budget to get started in this business.

PPH services cost on average $10/head per week. You can even get started free with a trial offer from one of the leading PPH shops. Apart from that, you just need money to payout winners.

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