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Can sports results be predicted, what can bookies do?
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Can sports results be predicted, what can bookies do?


Today’s gambler is not your father's gambler, not even kind of close. Times have certainly changed since the early 90s’ and even though much is the same; everything has changed! Bookies must protect their interest’, they must protect their assets - their money. Your number one priority as a bookie is to earn a great income and you can’t do it when gamblers are beating the brakes off of you every night. The changes over the last 20-years have come most dramatically from sports prediction websites. They are everywhere and they are mainstream, such as CBS and ESPN.  Everybody wants to beat the bookie and the prediction websites most definitely want to beat the bookie. Listen, if the gambler is winning more than 55% of the time, this means they are consistently beating the juice and you are consistently giving them something. When a forecaster comes along and hits upwards of 60%, that’s a coup! Here are a few tips on how to improve your online gambling business.


· Sports results can be predicted to a point. There are more than a few websites out there with a host of handicappers that are fairly good at what they do. The difference between today and say 20+ years ago, the wealth of information that’s available on every team, every league, and every player. Should someone care how the Houston Astros are playing in late innings on the road – at night, they can find those stats. Should someone care about what NBA teams are scoring more than 110 points per game but scoring less than 90 points in the second half, they can find that. Every statistic known to man is available by conducting an organic Google search and believe us, your clients will either do this or pay to have it done.


· The mitigating circumstances are everywhere. The sports gambler hires handicappers and predication services because they want to beat you and they don’t feel they have the information to beat you alone. The problem for them; even handicappers are wrong, and they are often wrong. If handicappers were always right, the “super books” on the Las Vegas strip would have closed their doors decades ago.


· Remember this, the gambler must beat you 52-54% of the time to beat the juice. Now, remember this – when you were a gambler did you consistently beat your bookie 52-54% of the time? If you did, then you are a rare exception. 40% of the time is an average number for the gambler to win, 50% is high, and anything above 50% is great.


· This doesn’t mean that players won’t get on a roll and start “steaming” you. You must watch out for “steam” players. The only thing you can do is slow them down with limits, and tougher lines. Get tough if you must. Don’t let a player beat the brakes off of you.


Find a PPH to manage your business and get online right now!


· You must have an online presence if you want to appeal to all types of gamblers and you must be online if you care about client loyalty. Although players can find ways of beating you, what you live for is the juice and the cross-action. You must have players playing at all times.




· Offer a casino and racebook. Find a top PPH site that will give you all three for the price of one. The casino is a virtual cash cow that is a guaranteed money-maker. The racebook brings in horseplayers and they are easily the most faithful gamblers. They will spend a pile of money if you offer them a great wagering and gaming experience with a world-class track.


The best PPH providers are offering great deals on fantastic packages. They will custom-build your bookie website and they will offer you the best user interface along with a fantastic wagering menu. The best news; the best PPH providers are charging around $7-$10 per head, per week. You can afford this, every bookie can. You must get online and show your clients the best gaming experience that’s available. Call the PPH today, ask for a free trial and start making a fantastic income.




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