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Smart Ways To Buy The Perfect Vaping Accessories For You


The real joy of vaping comes from the cool vape accessories. Whether they are chargers, e-juice bottles, or carrying cases, they serve a useful purpose. They come in unique and funky looks and make the overall vaping experience a cherishable one. Most people think that vaping can be expensive because of the involvement of technology in it.


However, it is not true because, compared to smoking cigarettes, vaping is quite cost-effective. There is indeed a one-time pricey expenditure in buying a vaporizer; other than that, e-liquids are much less costly than cigs, and so are its accessories. Kindly go through the following information to have an understanding of the smart ways of buying vapes and accessories.

Online Supplies

Buying your vaping supplies, such as coil, wick, e-liquids, etc., or even a new vape from an online store is considered better than buying it from a local shop because of the prices. Hence, unless you find a great deal offline, at a shop near your place, prefer buying it online. Moreover, it is entirely a waste of money to purchase low-grade vaporizers.


It might seem that you are saving a little money initially, but that product won't last long. Therefore, buy a high-grade vaporizer that indeed will cost you a little extra, but it would save you from buying it again and again. Furthermore, whenever possible, try getting discounts on bulk buying, and prefer value packs and starter kits. Doing a little research before buying this stuff like seller reputation and reviews will be beneficial.

High-grade Vaporizer

It might look like a great decision to buy a low-grade vaping device to save twenty or thirty bucks, but each penny will be wasted once your vaporizer stops working after a few weeks. Instead, spending on a high-grade vaporizer in the first place, that has excellent quality and lasts longer is an ideal decision as no replacement would be required in any near future.


Therefore, It would be great to buy a high-quality device with a durable construction such as Mixed Berry Puff Bar Plus that will cost you around $180 instead of buying three low-grade vaporizers, sixty bucks for each. Hence, always plan for the long term and choose quality over quantity, and you will have peace of mind that your product is durable enough to last long.

Vaping Starter Kits

Another essential thing to do is to buy a starter kit instead of purchasing a vaporizer. Undoubtedly, it will cost you more, but in the long run, it will provide savings. There are several essential items in a starter kit, such as e-liquids, added cartridges, etc. that you will eventually buy even if you get a vaporizer. Also, separate purchases of these items cost more, and your savings will be higher when you buy the kit online, as you do not have to pay individual shipping charges.

Bulk Buying E-liquids

In comparison with cigarettes, e-liquids are much inexpensive, and this is why vaping is cost-effective. Most of the vapers are aware of this fact, but what they do not know is that it all could be further cheaper when bought in bulk. Some several companies and brands offer discounts on bulk buying, hence prefer getting bulk bottles of e-liquids instead of one.

Online Coupons

Many websites provide discount coupon codes for different purchases of vaping devices and accessories, and one of them is "Honey." It has a vast user database, and when its chrome extension is enabled, it automatically applies the most significant discount coupon code at the time of checkout. Many users have found this extension extremely beneficial, and some of them have even substantial savings of around 50%.

Bulk Buying Cartomizers

Another great way is just like bulk buying of e-liquids, there are even discounts when you buy cartomizers in bulk. A basic pack of 5 cartomizers will cost around $15.20, and buying 18 such packs of 5 cartomizers in each pack will cost you 18 * $15.20, i.e., $273.60. However, if you will go with the bulk package, it will cost you $169.30 and will save you around $100, and that is how there is a considerable benefit of buying cartomizers in bulk.


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