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Super Bowl 44 Recap

Miami, FL (Dr. Davidowitz) -With one exciting Super Bowl game that took place on February 7th 2010 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida that pitted the New Orleans Saints led by Reggie Bush and Drew Brees against the Indianapolis Colts led by Joseph Addai and future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.
The first quarter had the Indianapolis Colts kicking off to the New Orleans Saints. The saints went three and out and were forced to punt the ball off to the Colts who drove down the field ended up with 3 points when Matt Stover kicked a 38-yarder.  After the field goal their was 7:29 Remaining in the first quarter. That initial drive consisted of 11 plays for 53 yards and took a total time of 5:53.
Before the end of the first quarter Peyton Manning Completed a 19-yard pass to Pierre Garcon. and than Matt Stover kicked the extra point with 0:36 Remaining this drive consisted of 11 plays for 96 yards and the Time of Drive was 4:36.
The second quarter consisted of a late hit call on the Colts that started to energize the Saints who than drove into Colts territory and ended the drive with Garrett Hartley kicking a 46 yard field goal with 9:34 remaining in the half. This drie took 6:02.
Joseph Addai was stopped om 2nd and 1 by Vilma which was followed by a pass that was dropped by Pierre Garcon on third down and than the Colts punted for the first time in the game.
The Saints than drove the ball back down field after the Colts failed to convert the Saints drove to the 1 yard line and went for it on 4th and 1 when they were denied and turned the ball over to the Colts on their goal line with under 2:00 minutes to play. When the Colts failed to run the clock out they were forced to punt and with a few key passes by Drew Brees the Saints were able to set up Garrett Hartley for a 44 yard field goal as time expired bringing the score to 10-6.
The Saints kicked off the second half with a surprise with an on side kick that entangled the officials who eventually declared the ball to the Saints.
This lead to a New Orleans Touchdown - 16-yard pass from Drew Brees to Pierre Thomas.   (Garrett Hartley extra point is good). 11:41 Time Remaining. (6 plays, 58 yards. Time of Drive: 3:19). Followed by an Indianapolis Touchdown with a 4-yard un by Joseph Addai..With  6:15 Time Remaining. (10 plays, 76 yards. Time of Drive: 5:26).
New Orleans finished off the scoring in the third quarter with a New Orleans Field Goal with a 47-yarder by Garrett Hartley.  2:01 Time Remaining. (8 plays, 37 yards. Time of Drive: 4:14).
New Orleans Touchdown - 2-yard pass from Drew Brees to Jeremy Shockey.   (Drew Brees pass to Lance Moore for the two-point conversion). 5:42 Time Remaining. (9 plays, 59 yards. Time of Drive: 4:57).
The nail in the coffin came when Tracy Porter intercepted Mannings pass and returned it for a 74 yard touchdown with 3:12 seconds left and left the final score at 31-17 as Peyton could not complete a pass within the redzone with less than a minute to go.

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