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Sports Fans Can Have Their Own One Shining Moment via Gambling IQ

A New Internet Home for Worldwide Sports Fan Offering Information to Create Financial Success is Taking the Internet by Storm

Gainesville, GA  February 21, 2010 -- The month of March has become best known to sports fans for the "Madness" of the NCAA basketball tournament and Online gambling in 2010 the internet site to turn to for fun and money is a new sports venture that is creating major waves in the world of Sports Investment information related forums.

Gambling IQ is a privately owned company that offers a one stop shop for Information and Investing needs for gambling fans of all teams and individual sports. The explosion worldwide of Offshore Sportsbook is the driving force for the rapid success of Gambling IQ and one of the major strengths of their operation involves their business relationship with advertisers that are Top ranked Sportsbooks with at least a B rated or higher ranking via industry respected which in turn gives forum members the needed confidence to know their money is safe as they invest in their favorite event.

What is quickly setting Gambling IQ apart from their competition is their growing base of some of the best sports handicappers on the internet with expertise in various individual sports posting critical information for free on a daily basis that allows sports fans with all levels of expertise to win on a consistent basis. Information ranging from trends to injuries to money management discussions along with the following is why Gambling IQ is experiencing rapid growth

  • Free Premium Odds service that Rivals Don Best, Sports Options, and other services you have to pay between $200 - $600 a Month. GIQ Odds are Free and offers many handicapping tools the others do not
  • offer such as 2nd half life changes, scores, injury updates, stats/ trends, syndicate plays, etc
  • offers up to 40% Rakeback from almost every major poker site in the world.
  • Front page articles updated daily that are industry related or handicap games of the day
  • Contests from our Top Line sponsors in almost every sport
  • Dispute Resolution with any book online with the help of Gambling IQ''s Professional customer svc
  • Sort able Stats, trends, angles, previews, and recaps of every sport including NASCAR

With College Basketball in high gear and Tournament Conferences and March Madness soon to be dominating the sports headlines now is the perfect time to find a great sportsbook and the staff at Gambling IQ recommends the following operation based on GIQ''s strict approval guidelines: They are one of the Biggest online books in the world and have a wide array of wagering options and with lines up very early allowing gamblers the option to wager on overnight plays. Offering odds on virtually every sport along with Black Jack, Poker and Horse Racing on top of generous sign up bonuses for new clients and additional bonus payouts for established clients who refund accounts along with an established business model since 1996 and world class customer service it is easy to see why their reputation in this industry is that of superstar status.

All sports gamblers looking for security of their money are encouraged to visit their site today and tell their staff you were recommended by Gambling IQ or simply visit and click on the banner advertisement for this highly recommended sportsbook. It will make for a March to remember as sports fans root on their favorite teams and interact with one of the most dependable sports book operations in the entire world.

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