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Milwaukee County Stadium

Milwaukee Brewers Old Stadium: Milwaukee County Stadium

The Milwaukee Brewers major league baseball stadium is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its construction started in the year 1951 and it was finally opened in the year 1953. It was initially a minor league baseball stadium and it was closed in the year 2000 on 28th September and demolished in 2001 on 21st February and in its place a major league baseball stadium was made. It was owned by the country of Milwaukee and its construction costed $ 5 million. The stadium was made under the architect Osborn engineering and has a capacity of 36,000 to 53,000, its capacity been increased over the years .Its ground surface is covered with natural grass. It had descent field dimensions with the left field being 315 ft long , central field being 402 ft long , the deep left central field being 392ft long  and  the deep right central field being 362ft long. The backstop is 60 ft in dimension and the right field has a length of 315 ft.


The Country Municipal stadium was built in place of the ruined Borchert field and a lot of new features were added to it to draw major league baseball teams towards the stadium. The stadium was instantly successful in this behalf and did attract a rather lot of attention towards itself for around 10 years.


The Milwaukee County Municipal stadium was in the eyes of the Milwaukee Braves major league football team even before its construction began and it consistently kept trying to apply for it as they wanted to move to Milwaukee and play there. Finally 21 days before the stadium was supposed to open the Milwaukee Baseball team got the permission and relocated in the newly inaugurated stadium .The stadium proved to be very lucky for the team as in its first match opposite the Boston Red Sox they broke all records by having a fan turnout of 1.8 million and the team members were on the front cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine of the year 1954 in August.


 The stadiums success along with the teams continued till 1959. After that the Braves were overtaken by the Dodgers and the number of audience turning up for the games fell along with the position of the team. Finally the stadium was handed to Atlanta from the Braves in the year 1966.


After 1966 , when the stadium was not as popular as before , the stadiums demand started decreasing and it started detoriating .It was not able to generate the revenue which was needed to  carry out its maintenance. Subsequently by the time it was 1990’s, the stadium was declared as unfit to host any more baseball matches. The making of the new stadium in its place faced a lot of controversies and finally the construction of the new stadium begun in 1996.The new stadium is known by the name of Miller Park as it was sponsored by the Miller Brewing Company. The new additions to the stadium over the old one included a retractable roof and drawing fans to keep the audience comfortable during the unpredictable spring of Wisconsin.
For the rest of the baseball stadium directory explanations and details on the new Miller Park please check out the rest of the articles courtesy of Coopers Pick

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