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Sumo Wrestling Gambling Scandal

Sumo Wrestling Gambling Scandal

Japan's national sport, sumo wrestling, has always had a plague of some sort whether it’s the frat house like hazing process, drug abuse issues, dwindling popularity, or shortage of new wrestlers.

Now there is another issue propping back up of illegal gambling and mob connections where the sumo wrestlers are betting on baseball games and breaching the discipline that is aligned with the sport.

Over 29 sumos and club owners who are called Stable Masters have confessed to the betting of baseball games albeit without handicappers help as to bet on a game you need to know in depth statistics and have time to study games, players, and a variety of other factors. Also betting is not a cheap endeavor so the public is shocked to know that the most popular televised wrestlers are those involved as they can afford to place

The governing body fired famous wrestler Ozeki Kotomitsuki as well as his stable master Otake. The scandal involves mobsters and the JSA (Japan Sumo Association) did not expel them which would bar them for life (a pete rose like ban) which would take away their retirement packages.

This scandal also had caused the arrest of a retired sumo-wrestler & plenty of other mix ups in the stables.

The sport dates back over 1500 years and is struggling to deal with the scandal.

Believe it or not a hair dresser was serving as a courier for the wrestlers and the mobsters (yakuza) to place the wagers. The hair dressers were involved because they made the topknots (uniforms) that they wear in the ring and are usually present at the training grounds.

Scandals have hit sumo wrestling quite a bit recently even being featured in a new york times best seller Freakonomics. In 2007 a teenager was killed during the hazing process in a violent and arduous training session. Than pot got another 4 canned and banned.

The sport is really struggling to showcase discipline and the high standards that the culture is supposed to hold up to.

One interesting fact is that the mob is taking front row seats at big tournaments to show the friends in jail that they are doing well when they see them on national tv one of the few things convicts are allowed to watch live and this lets the Mafioso boss in prison know that all is well on the home front.

Freakanomics discussed match fixing but yet the association has never had the guts to investigate the alleged scandal due to the repercussions that would be caused if such a story were ever factually proven to be true. The biggest scare is that the mob has the money and power to help rig matches to pad their pockets.

If you are allowed to bet on baseball and are not a professional sumo wrestler than please feel free to check out our live baseball odds, online sportsbooks that we approve of,  and our baseball picks.

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