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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

Straight Wagers

Straight Wager

A straight wager, which is also known as "side" is a simple bet where the team predicted to win is chosen with no other combination such as a parlay. A straight wager is governed to the money-line, point spread, and once in a while both. There are 4 types of straight wager lines and they are: Point Spreads,ML, Totals, and European Prices
Point Spreads - A bet on 1 team to beat the other subjective to the line. 
Money Line- Straight up winner with no advantage/points given to either team. The total amount you can win is determined by the money line.
Totals - Are the over under. So if the total for tonights Football game is 45 you would wager over if you expect the score to be 46 points or higher and bet on the under if you expect the final combined score between the two teams to be 44 points or less
European Prices - Prices greater than 1 = wagered total x European Price = Total pay out
If the price is less than 1 than Wagered total x European Price = Total payout

If you would like to know more about reading football odds, lines, spreads, or other sports betting terms than please check out the rest of Cooper's Pick.

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