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What to Watch for week 5 in the NFL

What To Watch For In NFL Week 5

By Evan Abrams of Coopers Pick

1. Are the Buccaneers legitimate? If so, they will stay in this game in Cincinnati.

2. Can the Falcons avoid a let down on the road in Cleveland?

3. If you believe Sam Bradford is legitimate, he has to show up and win when the Rams
play the Lions…he has to.

4. The Chiefs have a chance to shock the world when they play in Indianapolis on
Sunday…oh and the Chiefs are the only undefeated team left in football and they play
Peyton Manning…good luck.

5. When Redskins play the Packers on Sunday, I believe winner will excel the rest of the
season and loser will perish, I really think it is as easy as that. Both teams have absolutely
no running games and it will show in this one.

6. Jack Del Rio cannot beat the Colts in week 4 and lose to the Bills in week 5 right?

7. If the Broncos show up and contend with Baltimore, are they the favorites in the AFC

8. With the Texans wide receiving core really banged up [Andre Johnson and Jacoby
Jones], how will their offensive line handle the monster that is the Giants defensive line?

9. My 3 most intriguing matchups of week 5: Chiefs at Colts, Rams at Lions [I know, I
apologize] and Vikings at Jets.

10. Max Hall [possibly] facing the banged up defending Super Bowl Champions.

11. Chris Johnson playing in Dallas, after the Cowboys just came off of a bye and had an
extra week to prepare and watch the Titans lose to the Broncos.

12. Without Michael Vick, Asante Samuel and a number of players on IR, the Eagles
travel to SF to face the 0-4 49ers on Sunday Night Football; should be real interesting
to watch but my NFL Picks so far this season have been stellar when Vick is involved. .

13. Probably the game of the week: the age-less Brett Favre travels to his former
stomping grounds to play the best defense in the league in the New York Jets. With an
extra day and a half to heal, we might just see Darrelle Revis out there as well.

14. Dolphins, Patriots, Steelers and Seahawks all have byes this week.

15. The Bears [with or without Jay Cutler] travel to Carolina to face Jimmy Clausen and
the Panthers. This puts one of the most dynamic run games in football against one of the
best rush defenses.

16. What would be a bigger shock this week: Falcons down at half to Browns, Chiefs
beating Colts going into 4th quarter or SF going to 0-5 after a Sunday Night loss at home
to the Eagles?

17. The Steelers have two weeks to prepare for the Browns and Ben Roethlisberger will
be back for that game, is that even fair?

18. Possible let downs for good teams: Chargers in Raiders, Vikings in Jets, Broncos in
Ravens and Titans in Cowboys.

19. I know it is not till week 6, but I just cannot wait for Ravens in New England.

20. Why do I just have the feeling out of the Bills, Lions, Browns and Raiders; at least 2
of those teams will win this week?

Plus 1 Coopers Pick