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Most Watched NBA Game Ever

The NBA season opener between the Boston Celtics and the mvp squad Miami Heat has Ted Turner and TNT smiling after the cable game brought in 7.4 million viewers. This beat out the Chicago Bulls in the Michael Jordan era when they played the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996 which had 7.27 million viewers. Some of this may be attributed to the promotion put forth in the pre-season as well as the fact that Fox Sports has been in blackout mode in the New York city area due to a disagreement over rates and compensation between Fox and Cablevision.
The second game of the evening had Kobe Bryant and the Lakers winning out 112-110 against Yao Mings Houston Rockets which generated average viewership of 3.7 million, up 11% from last year’s California showdown at the staples center between the lakers and the Clippers. The drop in viewership may also be attributed to the later start on the west coast.
The Celts beat out the Dwayne Wade and Lebron James 88-80 in a game that had the Celtics well ahead but viewers kept tuning in.
This makes the first regular season game the most watched nba basketball game ever on cable t.v.
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