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NBA Leaders

The basketball season has started and is in full swing. The Miami heat are now living up to expectations. Below are the top 5 leaders for points per game, field goal percentage, rebounds per game, steals per game, assists per game, and blocks per game.
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NBA Leaders

Points Per Game
RankPlayer NamePts/G
1 Kevin Durant, OKC29.33
2 Derrick Rose, CHI27.67
3 Luis Scola, HOU27.33
4 Monta Ellis, GSW27.00
5 Kevin Martin, HOU25.00

Field Goal Percentage
RankPlayer NameFG%
1 Lamar Odom, LAL.711
2 Dirk Nowitzki, DAL.690
3 Taj Gibson, CHI.655
4 Andris Biedrins, GSW.647
5 Richard Jefferson, SAN.643

Rebounds Per Game
RankPlayer NameReb/G
1 Reggie Evans, TOR16.3
2 Joakim Noah, CHI15.3
3 Luis Scola, HOU14.0
4 Shelden Williams, DEN12.3
4T Paul Millsap, UTA12.3

Steals Per Game
RankPlayer NameStl/G
1 John Wall, WAS4.00
2 Mike Conley, MEM3.50
3 Trevor Ariza, NOH2.67
3T Russell Westbrook, OKC2.67
3T Manu Ginobili, SAN2.67

Assists Per Game
RankPlayer NameAst/G
1 Rajon Rondo, BOS16.8
2 Jason Kidd, DAL11.7
3 John Wall, WAS10.3
4 Chris Paul, NOH9.3
5 Deron Williams, UTA9.0

Blocks Per Game
RankPlayer NameBlk/G
1 Dwight Howard, ORL4.00
1T Josh Smith, ATL4.00
3 Serge Ibaka, OKC3.00
3T JaVale McGee, WAS3.00
3T Wilson Chandler, NYK3.00

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