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How to Choose a Tout service

Why You Should Avoid the “Lock” of the Millenium

We get it, you’re stuck. Maybe you just watched the last leg of your parlay go down
in flames on Monday Night Football after the kicker’s chip shot field goal bounces
off the upright with an emphatic “thud.” Or you missed your over-under in the
NBA by a point after the 12th man swished a meaningless three-pointer instead of
dribbling the clock out. Perhaps you just can’t stop betting on the Dallas Cowboys.
Regardless, your confidence is shaky, your morale is low, and most importantly,
you’re down multiple units. Since your picks are cursed, you go to your choice
betting site to look for any advice that isn’t yours. The first thing that catches your
eye is the word “lock” or “guarantee” next to some bald, middle-aged handicapper
on a “flaming hot streak.” This isn’t your garden variety lock either, this is the lock of

Before you click the link and fork over your credit card, remember this millennium
is still young and you still have a chance to win your money back without the
disingenuous advice of a crooked service guaranteeing something no one else can.
A bettor who cares about his money should always avoid handicapping advice
accompanied by the words “guarantee” or “lock.” Here are the two most common
methods by which so-called cappers try to snake in unsuspecting bettors with
their “locks.”

1. A tout service boasts a “lock” of the week advertisement accompanied by
a suspiciously impressive win-loss record. This is usually a bush league
tactic where the tout gives the favorite to half their clueless clients and the
underdog to the other half. They figure their client retention rate is well
below 50% so they’re better off guaranteeing half their clients a winner in
hopes that they come back for more picks. Reputable services never promise
anything, so if you come across similar language and it seems to good to be
too true, that’s because it is.

2. A desperate newbie poster titles his thread “lock of the century” and explains
he doesn’t believe in guarantees except for this game where he has inside
information. He’s only sharing it because he wants everyone to crush the evil
bookies/online sportsbooks. This is either a tactic to gain a following and go
tout, or more likely, it’s a degenerate stuck so deep that he’s down to one last
play before he goes broke. Either way, the pick isn’t based on real analysis
or any “inside” information on injuries or intangibles. That’s all you need to

Don’t let a crooked fly-by-night tout service or degenerate gambler who can’t
manage his own bankroll influence yours. The legitimate tout services will never
guarantee anything, but what they can do is offer statistics and analysis that
challenge your usual methodology of handicapping. Good services are out there and
you can learn from them based on how they crunch numbers, factor in weather/

injuries/referees, or analyze trends. If all you’re doing is blindly following picks, not
only will you never win, you’ll also never learn how to differentiate the good ones
from the crooked ones.

Look beyond the records (most are undocumented anyways) and find one where
your confident they are putting in the work and using their professional resources
to make informed picks rather than manipulate them. If you do your homework
and pick the right one, you’ll learn from their handicapping methods and eventually
won’t need their services anymore.

So fight the urge to bite on the “lock of the millennium” and choose carefully. Having
the right people in your corner is more than enough to fight off another Ray Finkle
shanked field goal from ruining your card.
If you've been played by a tout service as so many have been than find the trust, integrity, and hard work that has kept Coopers Pick in the sports handicapping business all of these years. Give one of our expert sports advisors a call today at 1-888-730-COOP to discuss sports and how you can avoid the lock of the year and win consistently by hitting lots of singles and doubles with the best handicappers in the business. 

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