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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

                           ***Winning NFL Picks Packages***                           

Get our NFL Picks against the spread and start making money right away with Coopers Help!

Football is the #1 sport wagered on by high stakes players and for good reason... The favorable odds. More than any other major American sport, the odds can be tilted to the player's advantage, if that player knows how to work the system... And our team is second to none at working the system. Led by our all-around guru, Jason Stack, our team has ranked in the top 3 online services 4 out of the last 5 years, and this Winter we're currently Ranked 3rd Overall. Coming off of our 3rd best season ever based on winning percentage and introducing 2 new highly regarded nationwide sources to our elite team, this season is filled with as much promise as any before it.

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Join Cooper's Pick NOW and get in on our Three Play Package. Take advantage of this opportunity to pound your bookie hard and often and most importantly, AFFORDABLY. Mr. Cooper is consistently ranked in the Top 5 Online Handicappers. Year to year, nobody wins as consistently on Sundays as our team at Cooper's Pick. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to increase your bankroll instantly with 3 of our NFL Selections for only $30.

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We're bringing you our top rated play plus the total for everyday for ONLY $20!!! Our service is routinely ranked in the Top 3 of online sports services in the NFL each year, and we have no plans on slowing down. This s a great way to get in and try a small sample to see what our information can do for you before deciding to join our team full time. Winning is what it's all about, and nobody has done it at the rate we have over the last decade. So get in now for only $20 and let us make you some money today!

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                  ***62% SO FAR IN 2015***             

The top source for sports information is king again by taking the top spot through TODAY with a 62% overall winning percentage, including a dominating 70% in Baseball. Now is the time to get in on Mr. Cooper's HOT HAND. Call today to ask about our daily specials. Start 2015 off on a high note and win big.


**Model of Consistency**

Overall Record in Each Sport Over the Last 9 Years

Our record from each individual sport every year are public record and available for everytone to see. We stand by our record and our model of consistency through the years which has helped to build Cooper's Pick as one of the top 3 major online sports handicapping services. Below you will find our documented overall record from each season in each respective sport over the last 9 years.

2014 67% - - 60%
2013 65% 65% 64% 61%
2012 68% 61% 62% 59%
2011 58% 69% 64% 68%
2010 64% 67% 67% 66%
2009 61% 65% 69% 63%
2008 55% 66% 63% 61%
2007 59% 68% 61% 63%
2006 65% 64% 59% 63%

You don't make it as long we have in this business without being damn good at what you do, and we're not only good, but we're one of the best in the industry. We consistently hit in the upper 60% range in most of the major American sports from year to year. Mr. Cooper spares no expense at purchasing and developing the most reputable sources in the world, and when a source isn't performing up to par, we never hesitate to turn up the heat on them... No source in the business is unreplaceable. We handle the dirty work and put in the long hours so you don't have to. Join the team today and let us do for you what we've already done for thousands of clients over the last decade.

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***Tilt the odds in your favor to maximize your profits***

March Madness cashOur teams secret over the years has always been the same... Maximize your wins and minimize your losses. This is how we've developed our system to be able to profit in the 6 figure range and being less dependent on overall record. It's our winning method that has gained Cooper's Pick the renowned acclaim that we have today. And so with NBL upon us, and more games than a player could ever wish for, there's plenty of high rated plays to choose from and target in order to maximize your bet with the best odds as possible. This is how we take the gamble out of gambling. Call today and let us help show you the secret to profiting off sports investing.



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The Man Behind the Magic: Michael Cooper Jr.

     Our team at Cooper's Pick is led by the nationally recognized and respected Football and Basketball expert and overall sports guru, Mike Cooper Jr., the son of former Las Vegas Insider Mike Cooper Sr. Over the last 15 years, Mike Cooper Jr. and his team have developed and perfected a winning formula that produces winner after winner in every sport. After hitting the scene over a decade ago, him and his formula shot up the ranks of the Las Vegas Sports Insider Syndicate, and now he's bringing his expertise to the common fan. Mr. Cooper's team includes 2 consultants to the odds makers in Vegas and countless Insiders from all over the globe. There's no piece of information that goes unnoticed by our staff, and we're the best of the best in the business at interpreting the information and translating it into winners.

For those who got in and made money with us using our partner sites NFL Betting Odds we thank you for a strong 2015 Football season and look forward to another very profitable year coming soon.




Nationally recognized for excellence in customer service, we always give our team of players nothing but the best experience.

For over 10 years we’ve set the standard for consistency in the Online Sports Handicapping Industry.

Team Cooper features some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Sports Insiders in the world.

Whether you’re a high roller or just playing for fun, when you’re a part of Team Cooper, you’re family.

Private investor group


Why Sports Gambling is the Best Financial Investment

stock market

In today's era of economic uncertainty and rigged stock markets, Americans are searching for a safer alternative to invest their hard-earned money. The government and the big banks robbed millions of people of their 401K's, and unemployment is as high as it's been in decades, so where are Americans to turn? That's where we come in. The Sports Handicapping Industry is quickly becoming a safer alternative for investors rather than entrusting their life's savings to the criminals on Wall Street. With the right information and resources, we can tilt the odds in your favor. Led by the Nationally Recognized Mike Cooper Jr., son of former Las Vegas Insider, Mike Cooper Sr., our team consists of over a dozen consultants to the odds makers in Vegas and countless Insiders from all over the globe. We've built an empire of Sports Handicapping Gurus in our 15 year existence and have earned our reputation as your bookie's worst fear. With our vast and unique resources that are available to us, we work around the clock to ensure that no piece of information goes unnoticed. We've built our empire on working with Vegas to beat the odds and make our players millions in profits. Stop viewing sports as entertainment, and start seeing them as an investment. Align yourself with the right people, and start having fun and turning a profit instantly.

2015 is the year you get to profit. Work with the lead analysts here at Coopers Pick and see why we are the best in the business. Simply put we pick and you win. Build up your bankroll as we educate you on how to pick daily Baseball and soon Football winners. Contact us today for a full sports betting consulting advisory analysis and learn how you can invest in the sports market and turn a large profit today.

Plus 1 Coopers Pick