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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

College Football ODDS

(08/29/2014 to 09/05/2014)

Week 4 NCAA Football Odds and Picks from the top service. Call right now at 1-888-730-2667 for our Saturday Parlay Play and make an extra $10,000 this weekend. We are providing weekly spreads showcasing the Total, Point Spread, who\\\'s favored, line movements, and the current lines along with each sportsbook in Las Vegas and offshore in Costa Rica. Week 3 NCAA COllege Football Odds and Lines from Coopers Pick the number one sports service in the world. Updated 9/1/2013 We have all of the latest 2013 College Football Odds displayed below for our clients and website visitors. Proudly put out by the different sportsbooks in Las Vegas, Nevada and the offshore books located in Costa Rica and Europe provide you the point spreads, totals, opening odds, and where the odds have moved to. Each and every game has a rotation number which is what you are able to place a wager with when you go up to the betting window at the sportsbook.

Get on board today with a free trial by opting in above or calling and speaking with our college football specialist at 1-888-730-2667. Last season our clients who bet on NCAA Football made over $78,000 thanks to our advice from our top investment plays. As you know NCAA Football betting has added to the thrill every Thursday and Saturday and if you know how to properly analyze the betting odds and over/unders put out by the bookmakers than you can beat the Las Vegas oddsmakers and make a lot of money while having the thrill and excitement of watching the games. NCAA Football is unique in its post-season and the bowl games are always one of the most thrilling times of the year for sports picks. We are here to help you to ensure proper preparation, statistical, and mathematical research is done so like a good sports handicapper we can ensure you a winning system long term. NCAA football lines/spreads/odds are all available for free below and are broadcasted to you live and updated every 5 seconds so you will never miss a big line move. Sportsbooks set the College Football odds strategically with the public in mind. How it works is that the books know that the public bets the popular teams each week so there are some great opportunities when examining the lines or spreads to get the best odds by going against those popular and heavily wagered teams. So below is the most up to date NCAA football wagering lines. If you need any help than please do not hesitate to contact our support staff and we will give you a free pick for calling. Opt in for a free NCAA Football Pick via text or email and get updates on the latest line movements and other helpful sports betting tips all season long. Start the season off on the right foot with the right help. Life is 20% about what happens to you and 80% about how you react to it. Get the latest 2013 Week 1 college football odds below and analyze the spreads with our assistance so you too can be a top dog.


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