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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

MLB Standard Package

MLB Season specialReceive each day's selections as well as some BONUS Private Play Selections with our MLB Standard Package. From small, casual players to larger, aggressive players, our Standard Investment Package is designed to give you quality plays at an affordable price. Think of it as the appetizer for the main course. While Standard Investors are not eligible for our Premium Plays, but our Team of Experts is still the best in the business at picking those close tweener games. While the package is design to cater to smaller players, plenty of larger clients have found it to be very profitable in the long run. Even though this is our least expensive package, it definitely brings a bang for your buck!!!

buy now  MLB Standard Season: CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW $1,750

The way these plays are developed is through our sources of information for the larger plays only these are much more frequent and still very worthy of a play since we deal with only the smartest and most connected sources that exist in the United States and sometimes overseas.

Our larger or higher level plays are derived from some of the same pieces of information that these plays are based upon. The only difference is that bigger plays mean they are much more secure and definite making them worth the much bigger bets in our overall betting scheme. Therefore, if you are a new sports bettor and need to build up your bankroll to start out, then this is the perfect package for you.

You are essentially getting the bulk of all the top plays coming into our company at an extremely reasonable price. This benefit will allow you to make enough money in the beginning to quickly increase your maximum overall wager making you ready for one of our intermediate sports investment packages. Take it to the next level of the Coopers' Sports Wagering Investment Program and buy Cooper's Top Information Plays or become an Inner Circle Club Member today by calling us directly at 1-888-730-2667 or you can signup above, Of course if you wish to upgrade to a bigger package once we have built up your bankroll than we can apply the applicable fees to the next best package.

Our goal is to grow your bankroll with our investment plays and betting system so that you can become better suited for the more serious plays that our average client wages between $100 to $500 and even $500 to $1,000 per play. Believe it, these plays are documented and prove time and time again to be of the upper echelon of the sports wagering industry. These plays don't just win; they win with class and a certain domination, when it counts, much much more often than not!!! Again, call us today or simply buy right here on the website! Either choice you make, we guarantee it's a good one!!!!!

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-730-2667 today.

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