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Private Investor Group

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1 Week of Top Info Plays for NBA & NHL $500 -
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Mike Cooper's Top Information Plays are the Best Around. This is the "Real Service" for serious betters who like to build up their bankroll each and every season. When it comes to gathering sports information and developing plays with the information from the Las Vegas' Sportsbooks to Costa Rica's Online Sportsbooks we equate this to ensuring that we put money in your pocket. Nobody in the entire industry has the connections that our Team of Insiders has built over the years, and by signing up for our Top Info Package our Team becomes YOUR Team. You got to get in to cash in!!!

The types of information we are privy to varies from knowing which injured players are starting or sitting and what kind of impact it will have on the game to certain pieces of information that will literally give away who will prevail in a particular matchup that day. Information is the one thing unfortunately that every service claims to have under their belt and it isn't always the case. However, the owner of this company - Mike Cooper is one of the most successful sports bettors in the world and is known throughout every sportsbook in Las Vegas. Coopers Pick has the connections out there to hear things and most of the time goes after certain details he knows to be of great importance when breaking down a game and a line.

So not only do we get information, we get the kind of intel that actually MEANS something when betting against the spread. The Top Information Plays Package has always been a great package for the intermediate sports bettors who seek consistent profits for a fair price.

Get involved today by calling us directly at 1-888-730-2667 or you can purchase our information plays directly on the website by clicking on Buy now above. No matter what you choose to do, at least give it a shot or talk to one of our professional handicappers before just vanishing from our site because you will be very dissapointed on what your missing out on.

I promise you are closer than you have probably ever been to actually paying someone to make you money because with the kind of information these plays are backed up by really does matter and makes a HUGE difference in sports wagering.

This is the edge everyone needs to make sports wagering profitable but few have the guts to pull the trigger and make real money betting on sports in Vegas. There is no way you can win without knowing any of the key intel in these matchups and thats why Coopers Pick is here to help.

You cannot. No matter how hard you try to find an edge it just isn't possible to find that edge on your own. Well that is not the case anymore if you work with us. We have all that is needed to find an advantage day in and day out. Leave your information above or get in touch with us today and we'll show you why we're at the pinnacle of the sports handicapping business year in and year out. Let us beat your book too!!! Call today to get started 1-888-730-2667.

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