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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays

Get the Best Bang for your Buck with our Inner Circle Club Betting Picks

1 Week of Plays $499
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1 Month of Plays $1595
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Season Package + 5 Private Paraly Picks Only $2300

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Get in the loop with our Inner Circle Club, and make our Team of Insiders YOUR Team! Inner Circle Club is recommended for serious players, who are looking to make some real money. It's not a game anymore, it's all about maximizing your profit from every game. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for, and the Inner Circle Club is a perfect example of that. You receive all of our Premium Top Rated Plays which are as good as gold. They're hand selected by our team of Insiders and personally approved by Coop, himself. It's time to make A LOT of money. Stop throwing your hard earned money down the drain by picking games on your own and helping your bookie buy a bigger house and a nicer car. Now it's time for you to get a bigger house and new car at your leisure with our Inner Circle Club picks.

What we have put together for the more serious players is a club where each member must make an initial investment. This investment along with all of our other members' investments allows us to be one of the most powerful and wealthy syndicates in the country. Everyone knows that it takes money to make money, so imagine how much money you can make, when you can afford to pay all the "right" people for the "right" kind of information to beat the bookmakers.

That is essentially what we are doing here in this club. We are all teaming up together to become a more dominant force as a whole with a common goal of winning as many games as possible and in turn making as much money as possible. That is the best way to describe Cooper's Inner Circle Club.

Last years 2010 regular NFL Season wrapped up  with a 32-11-2 record. Major League Baseball so far has lead to a 57-9-4 record overall since opening day. That's 89 net winners from last years Football Season until now just on this package alone. Do the math!! The more you bet the more you get when you deal us on our bigger plays.

Call us today and speak with one our qualified sports information specialists in regards to becoming an Inner Circle Club member and finally making the kind of money you always wanted to in the sports wagering business.

CALL NOW 1-888-730-2667 and Join Today

Once you are a member that is exactly what you have, your own business, which can turn monumental profits if you have the discipline to follow us exactly and trust that these are the highest quality of games worth the largest bet amounts possible. A special thanks to those who have already joined for being team players and taking the necessary risks and steps to help all of us continue to make a ton of money at a record breaking pace the last two seasons since we introduced the Inner Circle Club.

Let's keep up the good work!!! There are many more big opportunities still to come with the NBA Playoffs and Major League Baseball. If you are new, it's not too late to get involved. As a matter of fact, each day you wait is costing you money. There's no club in the world like Cooper's Inner Circle Club. We started it two years ago and it's continued to be a great success. Become a member today and reap all the benefits of working with the best in the business, the professionals at Cooper's Pick!!!

Plus 1 Coopers Pick