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Private Investor Group

Standard Investment Plays



Only Available During


NFL Season



Order Now and Get These Crazy Bonuses on All of our Top NFL and College Football Picks


  • Bonus Parlay Plays that help to build your bankroll Very Quickly

  • Bonus Lock of the Week 84% Over the last 7 Seasons

  • College Bowls, NFL Playoffs and Superbowl Bonus Plays

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Season Package + 2 Bonus Plays a Month Only 

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The Private Plays Syndicate Package is for sure an elite package for the extremely serious sports bettor. These plays should generally never be played for less than $300 a game & quite often are a max play for the bigger clients. Some of our top clients often bet upwards of $20,000 a game. The price can be broken down into payments if needed and yes even the $300 player can afford this level of service making it quite popular and affordable for the $1,000-$10,000 per game player.

Each play is based upon more factors than we are comfortable to share with the general public. However, once we establish a relationship with most of our Private Plays clientele, we are then able to share why each play is so deserving of a large wager and exactly how much money we suggest should be played on the particular play. Since we are the ones dissecting each game and each line based upon our research, information, and findings.

Only we would know how strong the information is and how likely the play is to win for us and that's how we calculate each play's rating. Based upon our interpretation of all the evidence put together.

Question: What is the overall percentage that this play will win on this particular day?

Answer: The winning percentage is reflected in the number of units each play calls for so we ensure that in the end you make money even if the plays hit under 60%. For example, from 2 units to 10 units, if we come up with a probability that there is an 80% chance the Dallas Cowboys will cover the spread of -3 points vs the Arizona Cardinals one night, we would release a 7 unit play on the Dallas Cowboys -3 points and probably have you buy a half point due to the importance of protecting a large wager and the immense importance of a half a point.

A 1 unit play may have a 55% chance of winning and a 10 unit play may have a 95% chance of winning. Each percentage range falls to scale in between and is ensured to load up your wallet with a lot of money.

This is why the ratings, bet amounts, and win percentage are so precise and vital to all of our success. I say "our success" because the Private Plays Package is private and none of these plays are ever released to anyone who is not a paid member of this package. This protects the integrity of every Private Play we release, and ensures that lines will never move drastically due to a lack of discretion on our part.

Also, we ask that all clients treat these plays the same. Please keep them to yourself!! Too much of a good thing could easily become a bad thing if everyone involved told their friends to bet our plays than the lines would move so drastially thus ruining the edge that we have over the bookmakers by keeping this a private package.

That one extra bet could give you a line movement of as little of ½ point and in the case of some bad luck could eventually result in an unnecessary loss when it could have been prevented by keeping our private plays private.

So please feel free to call us today at 1-888-730-2667 and signup for a package designed by the best for the best to make the most amount of money possible. All we ask is that you protect the integrity of the package and keep all Private Plays PRIVATE!!!

The Private Plays Package is perfect for more serious players because it supplies a great overall win percentage along with more personal attention from our more talented specialists here at Cooper's Pick. If you are ready to venture into serious sports wagering and have the bankroll, determination, and discipline to allow our program to work for you, (meaning sticking to only our big plays and playing them for as close to what we recommend as possible) then THIS is the package that is perfect for you. Sign up today and learn what being an inside winner fels like. 

Plus 1 Coopers Pick