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Standard Investment Plays

Sports Betting Help and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions from Clients

How many picks do you release each week?
Every week is different as different sport seasons have different amount of daily games and we only release a pick if we are confident in the outcome. Our daily quick pick consists of 3-5 games per day, and horse racing can consist of one race a day to multiple depending on numerous factors. We try to limit the volume to maintain a very high winning percentage. We have found that this strategy of quality not quantity is more profitable over the long run.

Which sport to bet on?
All of our respective handicappers are experts in their field of study if they weren't then they wouldn't be handicapping. The only person that may know as much about sports as we do is the guy from stump the Schwab.

What times are your picks posted?
All of our plays are posted in the members area by 11:30 EST each morning. Early weekend football picks are posted by 4:00PM EST every Friday. Late weekend football releases are posted by game day by 7:00AM EST.

Can I get every pick that you release for all sports We will gladly accommodate and tailor a package that fits your desired needs. Please just send us an email at and we will go from there.

When Can I purchase Picks?
You can purchase picks at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our purchasing system is fully automated and you will have access to our members area immediately after your successful payment. After payment, you will be taken to a page where you will setup your own username and password. After you setup your login codes, you will be taken to our login page to login and as soon as a pick is live it will show up on your members page.

I cannot pay online. Can I pay through other methods?
Yes. While it is preferred that you signup online thru our paypal (credit card/online check) payment methods, we do accept money orders, western union, and other options, if necessary. However, we cannot give access to our members area until we receive your payment. Thus, it is easier and faster to pay online.

What line do you give out with your picks?
We check out a variety of offshore and vegas books for the best available lines. The line we post with our picks is the current line at the time we post it. We highly recommend that you search for the best lines possible, as playing the best lines can give you that additional edge needed to boost profits. We have a list of sports books that we have diligently researched to ensure that they are safe and secure to use. Here at Coopers Pick we do not endorse any illegal gambling activity, so please check your local, state, and federal laws before placing any wagers.

What sports do you handicap the best?
If we don't handicap a sport well than we won't handicap it at all. We strive to be the # 1 handicapping service on the internet for Football, Basketball, Horse Racing, NHL, MMA, and Baseball. Our knowledge, research, diligence, and hard work in studying all the factors in football, hockey, MMA, horse racing, basketball, and major league baseball is elite. We build our reputation on our outstanding success for you and we can only do that by providing you with winners far more often than with losers.

Place your bets.
We are not a sports book. We do not take bets, we do not place bets. We help you win money so if you don't like making money or your not into sports than is not the place for you

It's gambling as no one can guarantee what happens as there are losing days and losing weeks for all gamblers although it doesn't happen here the probability of losing is still there and if someone tells you otherwise than they are lying because it's gambling. However, that's what makes it so fun, the thrill of not knowing for sure the outcome and rooting for the respective team you wagered on. It's a dance with Fate and Lady Luck and that's why we enjoy it. That and the fact that we win a hell of a lot more than we lose and that's what keeps you coming back. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the overall outcome of our picks than see the money back guarantee and we will surely take care of you.

Reasons to use a handicapper
This is probably the question I get asked the most by people who are thinking about investing in a membership with us. The answer is simple - because we are professionals. Gambling should be approached as an investment. You wouldn't operate on yourself if you weren't a surgeon just like you shouldn't pick sports unless you knew what you were doing.

While you are spending time at your job doing your work, we are hard at work doing ours. This includes extensive research, studies, statistical analysis, videos of past games, and tons more. We do the research because its our job and so you don't have to. You get to just sit back and reap the benefits. We eat sleep and breathe sports and research and examine the betting lines everyday all day, except for the few hours we need to sleep to stay focused.

How much should I wager?
The answer is that depends on your bankroll. You have to be comfortable with whatever the amount is that you are wagering whether its $10.00 or $10,000.

Success essentially relies upon being fiscally responsible with how much you put on the line. A general rule of thumb for money management is only betting around 2-3% of your total bankroll on any single game.

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