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Private Investor Group

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Sports Handicapping Affiliate Program

If you have friends that like to make money wagering on sports and would like to make lots of money for yourself in helping out, than the affiliate program is perfect for you. Also if you want to boost revenue for your website by cashing in on the ever-growing online gaming industry than the affiliate program is right up your alley. If you have a sports-related website, you may be interested in our sports handicapping partner program by just placing a link to our site!

Once you have signed up our links page banners will have your affiliate id assigned to it and in any other links all you have to do is insert your affiliate id code to receive credit.

Why Join?

Why not is the question? It is important for you to want to take advantage of as many money-making opportunities within the sports betting market as possible. Our affiliate program has been designed to deliver maximum earnings for all of our affiliates.

Each member who refers somebody either with a link from their website or from an affiliate id that they are given from signing up will receive credit for everybody who signs up and purchases picks. They will receive an affiliate payout of 10% of all revenue generated from purchases the referee makes for life.


It is 100% free to join our affiliate program. All tools and links are provided to you at no cost. To get started today go to our register sheet located at the top of the page.

Is it Legal?

There is no wagering on this site or within our affiliate program, it is 100% legal.


The sky is the limit, but to really score lots of touchdowns will be based on how much traffic your website receives and how much you promote the program.

Commission Structure

Your share starts at 10% of the revenue you generate, so you can easily be making hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a few weeks with our affiliate program.


All reporting is provided online showing the number of signups you have sent and total purchases for each of your players, so you can easily track your earnings.

Payment Options

You have two options as an affiliate you can choose between payments via your PayPal account or check by mail. Payouts are done on a requested basis much like a withdrawal from paypal. All you have to do is email us at Minimum payout is $100.00 there is no maximum.

Marketing Tools

Graphic banners are displayed under the links tab with a click of the button you can copy the code and input it into your site!

How to Join

Fill out the form up top to register for an account today and before you know it you will be on your way to making lots of money. Upon signing up when you go to the links section your affiliate id code will be implanted into the sports picks banner and that way it’s easy for all of us to track your earnings.

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