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Sports Betting

Sports betting has always been popular, but that is even more so these days with all the online sportsbooks available. Sports betting has so much more than just picking a person or team to win an event. There are many types of bets that you can make, but the most popular is the straight bet where you simply bet on a team or person to win a sporting event. Some of the other types of sports bets that you can make are totals, parlays, futures, and proposition bets to name just a few.

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When you bet on sports you need to know the different kinds of bets that you can make:

Straight bets are the most popular bets, like stated before, but most sporting events will have a point spread or a moneyline. Basketball and football use a point spread, and can have a moneyline as well, while most other sports use a moneyline. In a point spread a team will be getting or giving points. Here is an example. The line for the Redskins vs. Cowboys game is Skins -7, which means they are giving 7 points. In this example if you bet on the Redskins they will have to win by 8 points for you to win your bet. An example in a moneyline is Redskins -250 Cowboys +300. In a moneyline bet you only have to pick the winner, but with inflated odds. In this example if you bet on the Redskins you have to bet $250 to make $100 and if you bet on the Cowboys you have to bet $100 to win $300. You do not have to bet $100, but it is the easiest way to show the payout.

In totals you are betting on the total number of points to be scored in a game by both teams. An example of a totals bet would be the Redskins vs. Cowboys bet with a total of 46.5. You can bet the over or the under in how many points you think both teams will combine to score. If there is no .5 at the end of the total and the exact number of points is scored for the total the bet is a push and you will get your original bet back.

Parlays are simple, as you are betting on 2 or more teams to win. For example, if you make a 3-team parlay bet all of the 3 teams have to win for you to win the bet. Obviously, parlays are not as easy to win, but the more teams you bet on in a parlay the more the payout will be if all the teams win.

Proposition bets, also known as prop bets, are betting on a team or player in an event, but not the outcome a few prop bet examples are which team will score a TD first, will the first score be a field goal, and which QB in a football game will have more passing yards. The bigger the sporting event the more prop bets you will find.

In a futures bet you are betting on the future outcome. These bets take a while to payout since you need to wait until after the season or event, such as tennis futures bet, is over. A couple of examples of prop bets are which team will win the Super Bowl, which team will win the NFC or AFC, and who will win the French Open. You can make these bets before the season and during the season, but when making futures bets during the season the odds will change depending on how that team is doing.

No matter what sport you want to wager on, odds are, you will be able to find a sportsbook online that will have odds posted on it. All of the major sportsbooks will have odds posted for the big sports and many of the most popular ones will offer odds on every sport even the less popular ones of ones such as volleyball, tennis, golf, motor sports, boxing, and MMA to name a few. Also, many popular sports books do not just focus on American sports, but they will have odds on them, as soccer is huge in the sports betting world and you will also find odds on such sports as cricket, and Aussie Rules football for example. Many online sportsbooks will also offer entertainment and political bets.

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Sports Betting

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